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Made By Factory is a digital marketing agency in Manchester. We are Google Search & Shopping Specialists. We craft creatively clever digital marketing campaigns & SEO driven websites for ambitious business & growing brands.

Who Are We?

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We’re an independent digital marketing agency, co-founded by a seasoned design specialist and a former Googler. We know how to make digital campaigns work to deliver return on investment over and over.

We are here to help you connect your brand to your customers, without jargon, smoke or mirrors. We’re a small company with a big voice. Inside you’ll find friendly humans who love to get results.

Because there’s no ‘one size fits all’, we really take the time to understand your individual needs. We care about what we do, we listen, work with you and provide the solution you actually need, not the one we want to sell.

What We Do

Actually, It's a bit more than Google Ads

Google Partners


Our PPC Team have both worked at Google & attended their prestigious training course ‘Elevator’. We build solid PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns & continually monitor & optimise performance.

Shopify Partners


We are Google Partners with Shopping specialism, & Shopify Partners. So if you have a presence on the Shopify ecommerce platform, we can help you reach the right customers via Google Shopping Ads. (Pay Per Click)

Shopify Services

WordPress Web Design


We specialise in the WordPress Content Management System. We design and create bespoke handcrafted WordPress Websites. We ensure your website isn’t just great to look at, but fast, and SEO friendly.

Social Media Marketing


Need Facebook Ads or someone to be your whole tone of voice? We work with you as a social media partner, managing everything from posts content to full customer communications & reviews.



Ensure your website is visible on search engines, like Google. We specialise in on page and technical SEO. We continually monitor & optimise your site for the maximum organic traffic.

Graphic Design


We have worked with all kinds of business from small business and startups to public sector household names like Provident Financial. We can create the perfect design for your brand,

Why Work With Us?

Manchester Digital Marketing Agency

We are experts when it comes to Pay per click (paid advertising), including Search ads, Display, Shopping YouTube & Social Media ads. With an ex-Googler heading up our marketing team, we know what works for our potential clients – whether your goal is to increase awareness of your brand or if you are looking for more online sales, we can build a digital strategy that will work for your business.

Why We Do What We Do

It may sound like we are stating the obvious, but we have a serious passion for this stuff. When Andi founded Made By Factory, she had a love of design and code and wanted to build mobile friendly websites for clients that looked great and didn’t break the bank. After the first few sites, She saw that building websites was only useful if they had visitors to drive results and so she turned to online marketing.

Offering The Solution You need

Over the years we have worked with many clients & most are direct in what they want. A website, SEO or Pay Per Click. We know your problem is always the same. You want more leads. And the marketing strategy you think you want, isn’t always the one you need to succeed. Those who want SEO may find they get much better wins from PPC. Some who want PPC might need a better website, before spending money on marketing. A client who wants a new website, may just need a way of generating traffic. We always look at your goals and establish the solution you need, not the one we are trying to sell.

We Make Websites Convert

digital marketing campaign is only as good as it’s landing page. We will look at your existing web presence, to see if its standing in the way of your goals. We are experts in technical and on page SEO & our winning strategy can help your pages rank highly for well performing search terms. We use a mixture of error fixing, page speed optimisation, subtle changes to the back end code & edits to the content. Changes like these can be the difference between your site appearing on page 3, or position 1-3.

Technical SEO

Your content strategy might be spot on, but there still can be so many things that prevent you from ranking. Unless you’re an expert you can’t be expected to know them all. A simple web healthcheck can reveal the most common errors on a web page, which may be preventing it from being visible. Whilst your visitors only see a website’s pages, the scaffolding that holds it together has an important job to play. We find the most common issues with poorly coded websites, meaning many of the basic elements required to tell a search engine what your page is about, are missing. This is why even newer domains can get higher results than more established websites, if they pay attention to those details that google loves.

Why Do You Need Digital Marketing?

Digital Agency In Manchester

Without too much of a history lesson, digital marketing is only classic marketing in digital form. Every brand needs to advertise to get it’s content out there in front of an audience. Before the age of digital, content marketing would include print, magazines, billboards, and later television and radio. Even some leading brands have been tentative about the move to digital over the years, since they were concerned that the ad spend was a gamble.

There is more than one approach to digital marketing for any project, and it all depends on your goals. Very much like a classic marketing funnel, we have awareness, condideration and purchase in the journey. In traditional channels, brand awareness may have been achieved through print, television, and billboards. This is the same as new digital marketing strategies. We use display marketing to reach our audience, through a mixture of text, images, interactive and video. In the same way as traditional advertising, these methods are critical for new brand engagement.

Did you know you often don’t interact with a brand’s ad until you have seen it seven to ten times? Thats one of the best powers of paid digital. Its highly measurable, so you know exactly where the value is. Unlike traditional marketing, every click is measured, and every possible piece of information we know about our target audience is utilised to ensure the right people see the right ads at the right time.

A Bit About Us

PPC Agency In Manchester

Made By Factory is an award winning marketing agency. Our core marketing services includes SEO, PPC (Pay per click), Web Design, Social Media Marketing Content Marketing & Remarketing.

Founded by UX & web design nerd, Andi Wilkinson, Manchester marketing agency Made By Factory was selected as one of Google’s top 30 PPC agencies in 2017, and some of the team were invited to take part in their prestigious elevator programme along with around 30 other partner agencies. Following this, Andi partnered with Googler Ben Tennant who has managed advertising accounts and digital strategy for a large portfolio of major brands in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Through our many years of combined experience, our combined skills in digital, PPC (paid) and commitment to ongoing learning give us a unique and fresh approach to marketing. We always focus on delivering the best results for our client,

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Crafting Startup Success for a Lancashire Auction House

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