36 Must Have Shopify Apps For Your Store

36 Must Have Shopify Apps For Your Store 1

For every eCommerce store owner, improving their sales & conversions have always been a priority, and why not? Everybody wants to make it big, and we understand that part well!

Further, when you engage with Shopify as your reliable eCommerce platform, things just become easier for your business. Thanks to the availability of applications that ease the work for you.

What are Shopify apps? 

Shopify applications are a plethora of integrations available over the Shopify web store. These applications are designed to integrate with your Shopify store and automate different business processes (depending on their nature). 

Using the Shopify applications allows users to save time and improve sales & conversions as most of these shopify apps use Machine learning and AI for effective functioning.

Considering their availability, these applications are available over various subscriptions; some of them also offer a free trial or are entirely free for use. 

However, when it comes to selecting the ideal app for your store, you might get confused. To help you out with the same, we have listed 36 of the best Shopify apps to grow your business in 2021; check them out!

1. Sales Pop Master ‑ Countdown by Autoketing

Sales Pop Master is one of those applications that allow you to win your customers' trust by displaying sale notifications in real-time, providing affirmation to new customers. Aimed at solving low conversions' challenges, this application captures social proof for conversion rate and successful transactions.

Further, Sales Pop Master also showcases a countdown timer that notifies customers over discounts on the product's remaining quantity. This way, it creates a sense of urgency, ultimately stimulating sales.

Pricing: Free trial for 3 days, followed by different subscriptions 

2. HulkApps’s: Infinite Product Options 

An ideal application that refines the search for your visitors, the Infinite Product Options allows easier to navigate through different categories of products to come across their perfect product. The application allows you to customize and update your options for all product categories easily. 

Further, the inbuilt tool-tip over this application allows you to fix a maximum character length for different products. By creating flexibility for visitors to a website, the application allows improved personalization and a better upsell opportunity.

Pricing: Free trial of 14 days, followed by subscriptions

3. AdNabu’s: AdNabu for Google Shopping 

Creating your Google Shopping feed can be a mundane task, even if used to the cumbersome process. 

Further, even after creating the feed manually, the chances are that you might have skipped out on something or the other. This is where AdNabu’s Google Shopping application comes to play. 

The application allows you to easily create an approved feed & will enable the shop owners to execute profitable Google Ads campaigns. 

Further, you can also automate your feed over different applications like Google Ads, Google Shopping, and Merchant Center with its easy integration.

Pricing: Free trial of 14 days, followed by subscriptions

4. Re: amaze’s: Re: amaze Live Chat & Helpdesk 

For every website owner, handling customer grievances is one of the essential tasks to upscale their businesses. 

One such application that covers your Shopify store over the need for a chat support system is the Reamaze that covers your store over live chat & acts as a reliable helpdesk. 

This application allows store owners to manage chat support, besides allowing the business to perform a plethora of functionality like ticketing, chatbot, live chat, helpdesk, and FAQ. 

Further, Reamaze also allows users to edit/ create their orders, process refunds, cancellation and update customer orders over the conversation.

Pricing: Free trial of 14 days, followed by subscriptions

5. AdNabu: Google Customer Review Application 

AdNabu’s Google Customer Reviews application helps Shopify store owners by automatically placing their product reviews. This application uses the Customer Reviews js code, highlighting the customer reviews wherever necessary around your feed. 

Further, the application also highlights the Google Reviews badge and helps collect reviews and ratings from your existing customers. 

Pricing: Allows a 5 days trial, followed by subscriptions

6. Exit Pop-Ups & Email by Privy

One of the most efficient applications to help store owners identify existing customers, Privy is an application that is developed to show exit-intent driven popups, allowing store owners to lower the cart abandonment rates quickly. 

Available over a wide variety of templates, Privy can also be used to automate your email marketing and one-off emails, newsletters & promotions. Further, you can also use the application to send triggered text messages to your potential customers.

Pricing: Free trial for 15 days, followed by different subscription models

7. Hextom: Free Shipping Bar    

Having free shipping policies are one of the best ways to skyrocket your sales as around 88% of consumers prefer shopping over such websites. Now, if you are one of those sellers with such a policy, it is certain that you would not want to miss the opportunity to highlight it.  

This is where the Free Shipping Bar application comes to your rescue. This application highlights the ‘free shipping’ factor over a slide-out bar. This way, it will be easily viewed by almost every visitor, ultimately improving your sales! 

Pricing: Free 

8. Klaviyo’s: Klavio Marketing Automation 

Klaviyo is a Shopify application that allows you to tackle email management & cart abandonment issues for your store. 

This email marketing automation app allows users to enhance their email strategy with its drag and drop email composer with an intuitive UI, backed with several templates for use. 

Further, with different forms of email customization options for every stage of your marketing funnel, this application allows your business to make an exception to their campaigns with different sets of tools for reporting and analytics. 

Price: Free until 250 contacts, followed by subscriptions

9. Secomapp’s: SEO Booster  

Managing your social media rankings while managing your Shopify store can be a mammoth task, especially if you have no expertise in the field. Interestingly, the SEO Booster is one such application that helps you with different aspects of website ranking. 

It allows users to structure their data feed using a full JSON-LD, allowing your store to recognize potential customers by bringing potential leads to your website. 

Further, you can also optimize your search using a keyword over the SEO Booster application. 

Price: Free trial for 7 days, followed by different subscriptions 

10. Booster’s: EU Cookie Bar

Managing cookies while aligning with the different laws related to their use can be confusing. However, with the Cookie Bar app, your website can easily comply with the GDPR European Cookie Law. 

With this application on your store, visitors are provided with a consent bar that highlights different cookie policies over your store. 

Once your visitors agree to use such cookies, this application fetches all the visitor's relevant information on-page use. This way, you can easily understand their interests and leverage them for marketing.

Pricing: Free 

11. Commerce Instruments: Searchly 

If you are one of those Shopify store owners that uses their budgets extensively for paid advertisement campaigns, you understand the importance of placing your ad over relevant filters. 

The Search application makes the task easier for you! This application allows the users to create unlimited filters, using different meta fields, product attributes, tags, and variants, among other such parameters, to drive improved conversions. 

The application also allows users to use the smart full-text search with instant suggestions & results to improve product search results. 

Pricing: Free trial for 14 days, followed by different subscription models

12. Gentexa’s: SEO Image AI 

Optimizing the image on your store is one of the major moves for doing SEO of your store, and the SEO Image application is one of those applications to help you in that. 

The app allows users to optimize different images present over their website, ultimately improving the ranks using alt-text. 

Using vision AI to examine the graphic content over your page helps understand different images' subject matter. 

Pricing: Free 

13. BSS Commerce’s: Product Labels Pro 

The Product Labels Pro allows the Shopify store owners to add image labels to every relevant product, allowing them to attract customers. 

With its easy customization option, the application also allows users to easily change the name and highlight products more concisely. 

Pricing: Free for limited use, followed by different subscription models

14. Axel Hardy’s: SEO Blog Optimizer 

Blogs are an integral part of almost every store owner there is. However, not every store owner can optimize their blog in a manner that can improve their positions and entice customers. 

SEO Blog Optimizer is one such application that optimizes your blogs by providing relevant suggestions and feedback over it.

Further, it also analyses the writing and allots grades to help undermine the performance of the blog. 

Pricing: Allows a 14 days trial, followed by subscriptions

15.AdNabu: Retargeting for Google Ads 

Highlighting customer reviews submitted by genuine customers over your website is by far the most effective way to improve your marketing. AdNabu’s app collects all the honest reviews provided by authentic customers, highlighting it over your website without any manual coding. Further, it also allows publishing feedback of products, almost instantly, highlighted with a customizable Google Badge feature.

However, your shop needs to collect a total of 100 reviews in a particular country over the previous year. 

These ratings also appear beside your Search Campaigns or Google Ads Shopping, giving you complete assurance on reach and sales. 

Pricing: Free trial for 7 days, followed by different subscriptions 

16. HelpNinja’s: WhatsApp Abandoned Cart 

If you ever think of using new means of marketing over your Shopify store, the Whatsapp Abandoned Cart might be the option for you. 

This application allows the store owners to integrate their shops with WhatsApp messaging platform, allowing business owners to do business on a one-on-one basis. 

This application adds a WhatsApp chat and share button to your store, allowing visitors to interact with you on a real-time basis.  

Further, this application also allows users to send personalized messages to customers over abandoned carts, delivery updates, order confirmation, order tracking, and other similar WhatsApp notifications.

Pricing: Both free and paid policy available 

17. Roundtrip Labs’: Supertime 

Supertime is an application that allows customers with complete optimization around the delivery of their products. 

Allowing the customers to opt for their deliveries in a smart and flexible manner, this application allows them to set their desired time and date to either receive their deliveries or pick them up from their local store. 

The Supertime application adds another step to your checkout process when customers check out of their Shopify store. 

This way, the store owners can easily manage all their deliveries and schedule their parameters in advance.

Pricing: Allows a 7-day trial, followed by subscriptions

18. SpurIT’s: Installment Recurring Payments

If you had ever dreamt of offering a more flexible purchase option to your customers, the Installment Recurring Payments might be the perfect fit for you! The application allows your customers to make their payments in the form of long term installment options. 

This way, your business can easily retain customers over the long run. Further, the shopkeepers can also adjust different terms of payment and completely customize their installment rules. 

Pricing: Free trial for 90 days, followed by different subscription models

19. PageFly’s: PageFly #1 Page Builder 

The PageFly application is a web page builder that allows you to set up professional quality webpages to market your product. This application provides the users with an extensive toolkit, allowing them to customize their webpage using a simple drag & drop functionality. 

With over 70+ CRO-focused page templates, businesses can generate quality leads using different forms, ultimately boosting sales. 

Pricing: Free

20. Grizzly Apps SRL’s: Best Currency Converter 

As the name suggests, BEST is a currency converter application that allows you to convert your feed into multiple currencies. Supporting almost every store theme present in the Shopify store, this application displays a converted currency based on your customer's geo-location. 

With conversions of over 160+ currencies, this application also comes in 3 converter themes. 

Pricing: Free for limited use, followed by different subscription models

21. Vitals’: 40+ apps in one 

One of the most dynamic applications present in the list, Vitals’ 40+ applications, is a plethora of different applications covered over one platform. 

The application covers all your needs, ranging from marketing to capturing leads and boosting the average order value. 

Pricing: Free 30-day trial, followed by different subscription models

22. Ontrack Digital’s: Ontrack Analytics App 

The Ontrack Analytics application allows you to track all your page analytics over one single platform. This application helps shop owners create different conversion segments and buyer personas to efficiently and smartly spend their budgets. 

Further, this application segregates data to the minimum level, classifying it as devices, age, gender, traffic sources, and several others, allowing you to spend less over gathering data and saving time over forming campaigns.

Pricing: Free

23. AdNabu: Google Ads Conversion Tracking 

AdNabu’s Google Ads Conversion Tracking is an application that allows users to manage conversions over different campaigns. This platform aims at saving time over tracking sales over multiple campaigns. 

Eliminating the need for coding, this automated application provides users with a platform to follow their conversions easily over one click. 

With the automated creation of conversion pixels, the Google Ads Conversion tracking allows improved sales.

Pricing: Free trial for 7-days, followed by different subscription models

24. SpurIT’s: Recurring Order & Subscription 

The Recurring Order & Subscription is one of the most effective applications to help you retain your customers. The application offers your customers a plethora of subscriptions, highlighted right next to the ‘Add to Cart’ button. 

This way, the application allows seamless & easy conversion over emails and messages. Interestingly, the application also offers a 0% fee for subscription billing.

Pricing: Free 3-day trial, followed by different subscription models

25. Dynamic Pricing by SpurIT

Does your Shopify store host a lot of sale events? Managing the crowd surge during discounted sales becomes impossible? 

The Dynamic Pricing application might come in handy for that. The application allows businesses to access tailored prices as per the desired profit margins during sales. 

With dynamic pricing functionality, users can also set their own rules & regulations to set up their best prices on auto-pilot. 

Pricing: Free 5-day trial, followed by different subscription models 

26. CartKit’s: Replay Live Session Recordings 

With the Replay Live Session Recordings integrated over your Shopify store, now you can view the recording of the visitor’s activity over your eCommerce store. 

This way, you will have a complete idea of the users' overall time on a website, besides undermining actionable insights of individual pages.  

Pricing: Free for limited use, followed by different subscription models

27. MLVeda: Auto Currency Switcher

The Auto Currency Switcher is an application that comes in handy when running your campaigns across different countries with individual currencies. 

This application automates the process of price conversion of different products across the inventory, based on Geo-locations. 

Moreover, users can also change their currency options manually from the currency selection box. 

However, while checking out, the currency remains in the initial currency used by your shop.

Pricing: Free 

28. Printful’s: Printful Print‑on‑Demand

One of the best applications if you plan to base out your business over a dropshipping model, Printful helps you access the on-demand printing marketplace. 

Further, Printful also enables the user to either use templates for reference or create their designs over various customization options.

Once integrated with your Shopify store, you can use Printful to automate and receive orders for printing mugs, bags, shirts, hats, and several other products.

Pricing: Free 

29. MakeProSimp’s: Buy Me ‑ Sticky Buy Button 

Visuals have always been a better way to appeal to customers, and the Buy Me application helps you with something similar. 

The application allows the users to add an appealing sticker that reads ‘buy me’, right next to different products in your store. 

Providing the users with six unique features, the buy me application also presents users with different links to easily share your products over social media.

Pricing: Free for minimal use, subscriptions available 

30. Cozy eCommerce Addons’: Cozy AntiTheft 

Want to ensure complete safety over your website content? Don’t want people to copy your content? The Cozy AntiTheft is the right software for you to provide the absolute safety of your published content. 

This application disables the right click button over your website, preventing it from getting copied. 

Interestingly, this application also disables the drag and drop feature to ensure your content’s complete safety & privacy by catering to browser settings.

Pricing: Free

31. Use GTranslate for your shop

The GTranslate application allows you to make your Shopify store multilingual, translating all your website information. 

This way, you don’t need to worry about visitors that come across your different parts of the world. The G-Translate allows users to convert information based on Geo-location. 

Available over 106 different conversions, the application allows users to showcase alternative flags for Brazil, the USA, Quebec, Canada, and Mexico.

Pricing: Free 

32. Conversion Bear’s: Honeycomb Upsell Funnels

One of the most prominent applications to upsell over your Shopify store, the Honeycomb Upsell Funnel allows users to improve their store’s revenue by increasing the Average Order Value (AOV) of the store. 

The in-built AI recommendation engine helps users to promote compelling offers on their checkout page.

Pricing: Free 

33. Referral Candy’s: ReferralCandy

A reliable application if you plan to improve your customer base, ReferralCandy allows you to execute your referral operations at ease. 

This application will enable you to reward your customers in the form of incentives every time they refer your store to their friends. 

With such easy customization of individual referral rewards, you get to give your best customers incentives at no extra cost!

Further, this application allows you easy integration with Klaviyo and MailChimp tools to leverage your email marketing for more referrals. 

Pricing: Free trial for 30 days, followed by different subscription models

34. Secomapp: Promotion Popup

The promotion popup application is a great tool to increase your chances of sales by displaying relevant sales offers across different pages of your site. 

This conversion tool allows users with 100% control over their popup, allowing customization of popup for businesses.

Pricing: Free

35. Secomapp: Affiliate Marketing 

The Secomapp is an application for users to manage their affiliate channels via different means. 

This application allows users to easily manage their groups, fix different commissions, and manage multiple programs, paired with a seamless reporting and analytics experience. 

Pricing: Free

36. Magisto Ltd’s: Videofy 

The last application on our list, Videofy, allows users to create video ads for their website. This application aims to simplify the entire process of creating advertisements from existing content present on the website. 

Pricing: Free


The curated list was a selection of all the available applications that we think might come in handy at different operation stages over your store. However, what works for others might not work for you. 

Therefore, we suggest you keep experimenting with different applications and see what suits your store. Go with the applications that suit you best!

Guest Post Contribution from AdNabu

Creating an approved Google Shopping Feed & running profitable Google Ads is a multi-step process. AdNabu’s app helps you to easily create a Google Shopping feed & run profitable Google shopping Ads. All changes from your Shopify store are fetched and updated automatically in the feed. 

Written By Salil Panikkaveetil Last Updated 17th February 2021 
Our guest poster Salil, is the co-founder of AdNabu which helps businesses automate their Google Ads in Search and Shopping. Our SaaS platform is used by businesses around the world to decrease costs and increase sales.
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