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Press Release: Made By Factory Move to Rochdale

Made by factory move to rochdale

Boutique digital marketing agency completes Manchester move to Rochdale. Rochdale Observer printed the following article:

An acclaimed digital marketing agency named by Google as one of the 30 top growth digital agencies in the UK has completed a move from Manchester to Rochdale’s old post office.

Made by Factory was founded by mother of four Andonette Wilkinson five years ago. It delivers high quality digital solutions from web and back office systems to branding and PPC campaigns for clients across the globe.

The agency also works with a wide range of public and private sector clients from start-ups to major brands like Movado, Provident Financial Group and Best Western. They also work with Local Authorities and Community Investment Companies.

As part of their growth strategy, they recruited company director Ben Tennant. Ben joined Factory from tech giant Google UK earlier this year where he worked as an Agency Development Manager.

Wilkinson has previously been invited to Downing Street to advise Government on supporting small business. She is also seeking to capitalise on digital growth opportunities on both sides of the Pennines. 

“We’ve been impressed by the support on offer to small businesses in Rochdale,” she said after moving her company into the town’s 1923 baroque style building.

“There is a really friendly atmosphere in the town. Rochdale’s great transport links mean we’re well positioned to serve clients across the North West and beyond.

Business growth in Rochdale

“At the moment across the UK we’re seeing strong, healthy growth in digital marketing and it’s a very exciting time. There’s never been a better time to take advantage of strategic digital marketing to give your business a competitive edge.”

Made by Factory was chosen out of 30,000 UK agencies as one of the top 30 based on our size, client stats and current growth trajectory. We were subsequently invited to join Google’s Business Coaching Programme

We are an award winning digital agency. We are also builders of high quality web sites and web applications. Marketeers of business, designers and creators of beautiful brands. Why not see what we can do for you?

Made By Factory Are Greater Connected

Over the past three months, Made By Factory have been part of a select cohort of digital companies based in Manchester to take part in the GM Business Growth Hub’s Greater Connected programme.

Greater Connected: What is it?

Greater Connected brought together digital agencies, with panel experts and speakers for three days. It’s an intensive training course focussed around business growth strategy for digital agencies.

So, the big themes we focussed on in the sessions were:

  1. Getting clarity on the ‘five C’s’ (Core, Customers, Cash, Colleagues & Context).
  2. Creating fans and adding value.
  3. Road mapping & routines.

Big Takeaways

Happily, we learned so much that we already do is good and on the right lines (Phew). A few valuable takeaways were looking at ways we could add extra value above the line to our clients and give a better smoother experience. Another was that we should focus on doing what we love and doing it well.

As a specialist boutique agency, we are proud of our high skill level and growth potential. So, we were really proud to have been chosen amongst such a select group of quality digital companies. We are continually committed to making our clients experiences the best they can be.

Made By Factory are a boutique digital agency in Rochdale, Manchester. We specialise in high quality digital solutions, from web to back office systems. From social media to laser focussed ppc campaigns. Find out more here about the services we offer.

We have worked with The Business Growth Hub on several Projects including Eveolution, Going4Growth & more.

Going4Growth with the Rochdale Business Growth Hub & Made by Factory

Made by Factory, in conjunction with the Rochdale Business Growth Hub, are helping businesses reach their goals through digital.  As a trusted Google Partner, Factory were invited to run a Google AdWords workshop for local businesses.

So, we put our heads together and devised content for the event that was useful to all attendees, regardless of their industry.  Of course, nobody can cover the full ins and outs of the machine that is AdWords in a single morning.  However, we wanted to ensure we covered all the key bases, such as AdWords, Analytics and SEO.

The event, held at the Crown Oil Arena, was an opportunity for businesses in the Dale to find out more about how Google AdWords can help their business grow.

The Content:

We covered a range of topics to provide a sound base knowledge of Google AdWords:

What is AdWords?

The various platforms within the system and which ones to use for different stages of their sales funnel.

Impact Mapping

Danny took the attendees through an impact mapping workshop.  As a result, each business was able to look at the main goal they wanted to achieve through digital marketing.

Planning an AdWords Account

First of all, you need to work out a budget, targeting and your account structure.  This also gave an opportunity to cover the available tools for planning, such as the Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush and MOZ.

Building the Account

I presented the room with a comprehensive step-by-step guide for building their AdWords account.  I also discussed the best practices at each stage.


We went through the basics of SEO and discussed why it is important for businesses to utilise both SEO and AdWords when they are looking for growth.  We then followed this with information on the key tools that they can use for their SEO.

Google Analytics

Finally, we covered the general use of Google Analytics along with the reasons for using it in conjunction with AdWords when creating goals and measuring performance.


The event was extremely well received and the attendees were kind enough to score us 5/5 for event content and presentation quality.  The format allowed us to keep a relatively open forum for attendees to ask any questions they had, so we could add value on the fly.

Going4Growth in Rochdale is a practical programme for local businesses to get support through various events.  The workshop we held was attended by a variety of businesses, from electricians to photographers and manufacturers to toy retailers

Depending on your available time and budget, it can often be easier (and more financially rewarding) to work with a digital agency.  We find that our agency management fee is often more than covered by the amount of money we either raise in additional conversions or save our clients in misplaced ad spend.  Speak to us today to discuss your needs.

Helping Business Go and Grow Online

This week we held the first of our training sessions for small and micro SMEs in Manchester, in partnership with Enterprise Nation and their Go and Grow Online programme.

Covering everything from choosing the right equipment and how to set up your working environment, we took our audience through a series of steps to empower them to get off to the right start online.

Currently, at least 40% of small UK business have no online presence and haven’t touched digital. For those that have, yet another large percentage of those people have very little idea on how to get their web presence noticed. Most have no idea where to start with marketing. It’s not surprising: there is a figurative ocean of choices when it comes to everything from choosing which platform to build your website on down to which are the best tools for promotion, monitoring and reporting.

We put together our top tips based on experience, to to help our audience navigate the sea of digital information.

Go And Grow Online Programme

Some of our top tips included choosing a platform such as WordPress to start with. This is because it’s a highly capable platform, but you can also set it up in a few simple clicks. WordPress also gives you access to many free templates that are great for business starting out. Unlike some of the starter platforms such as Wix, Weebly, Squarespace or Moonfruit, WordPress is built with clean code, SEO and accessibility in mind.

Choosing WordPress also means you can choose a site that grows with your business. If you find yourself outgrowing your startup website, finding an agency who can work with your existing site and it’s content will be easy. There is a large community of WordPress developers and it has a great support community. Our advice is always to try and future proof as much as possible. Using a platform like WordPress is a great solution for this, as you can set it up for practically nothing.

We offered advice on a variety of other topics from social media and paid advertising to analytics and SEO. 

Further Learning

Of course no one can cover an entire suite of digital marketing in two hours, which is why we will be arranging several more events in the future to cover each of these topics in more depth. Its our mission to help as many business owners as possible go and grow online.

We are a Manchester digital marketing agency, specialising in content creation, bespoke web and application development and paid advertising. We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes. If you want to get off on the right foot with digital, speak to our team today.

If you are a small business looking for support, enterprise nation offer many free events for the aspiring entrepreneur. Membership is cheap and the quality of content is amazingly high. Founded by Emma Jones, champion for small business, it’s now a support network for over 70,000 UK businesses and on top of the support you will find amazing networking opportunity. You can join here.

Made By Factory Are Joined by Googler Ben Tennant

We are super chuffed to announce the arrival of a new partner in our small but growing digital team at Made By Factory. Enter Ben Tennant!

Joining us on January 1st is Ben, who will join us as a company director, co partner and head of PPC.

So, Ben joins us from tech giant Google UK, where he worked as an Agency Development Manager. We were one of the agencies assigned to his portfolio.

As a badged Google Partner Agency, we are assigned a highly trained AdWords expert at Google to support us with our account builds, client support and reporting. An Agency Development Manager will work on up to sixty agencies client accounts at once. Moreover, Ben has managed and optimised thousands of customer advertising accounts to improve performance and conversion rates.

Although we are a small agency, we are committed to following best practice and forward thinking. We keep our skills up to date to deliver the highest level of client service. As we continue to work with more Google Advertising spend, bringing a highly trained Google expert onto our team is the best way to ensure we are giving our clients the best value for money.

As a Manchester PPC Agency, we are badged Google Partners and accredited in Bing, LinkedIn and Facebook. Between us, we have managed millions of pounds of client spend.  From small business to corporate and blue chip clients we reduce wastage and improve conversion.

Want to stop pouring your money down the drain on a poorly performing advertising account? Why not set up a consultation with Ben today and see how Factory can help you reach your business goals.

We Go To Web Summit 2018

Every year, the biggest tech conference in the whole universe takes place in Lisbon. They call it Web Summit. Co founders Danny Ackers and Andi Wilkinson (that’s me) went to check it out.

Arriving in Lisbon, orientation started at the airport. Signs were up and a team were waiting to point us in the right direction. With over 60,000 delegates arriving in the city, this was no surprise.

Stephen Hawking at Web Summit

We arrived at the venue in time for opening remarks on the main stage. To our absolute amazement and delight, the conference was opened by none other than Prof. Stephen Hawking. He welcomed us and spoke on the future of AI

Later, we were very lucky to be invited to the exclusive speaker dinner. There we met lots of exciting people, brushed shoulders with Youtube celebrites and ate dinner with the co founder of ethereum. It was all a bit surreal. Is this what Silicon Valley feels like?

The next day Web Summit began in earnest. With over twenty five individual conferences and stages taking place over all four huge exhibition spaces, along with workshops and mastermind sessions, the hard decision was choosing what to attend and what to give up.

Whilst I spent most of my time at the content creation and digital marketing spaces, Danny spent a great deal of time listening to the keynote speeches on the main stage.

Nasdaq open at Web Summit

My highlights

Some of my personal highlights was a short workshop from BBC comedian and writer X who explained timing and humour in social media. Full of memes, it was current engaging and funny.

Moz founder Rand Fishkin also gave a talk on the future of SEO in 2018 which was highly relevant and full of great tips. It deserved its own summary completely so we wrote about that here []

We were in the main stage for the official opening of the NASDAQ trading, where there was a live link to Times Square.

Overall we came back from web summit armed with new information, future technology and current best practices, and it’s an event that will stay in our minds for a long time. Well until the next one blows it out of the water.

Made By Factory are an award winning digital agency. We are also builders of high quality web sites and web applications, marketeers of business, designers and creators of beautiful brands.

Factory Advise Business to ‘Go and Grow Online’

Emma Jones Enterprise Nation

This year We are part of a campaign called Go and Grow Online.  Even now, in 2017, almost 50% of business have no online presence.

That’s why we have joined the team at Enterprise Nation this year to advise business in all things digital.

What is the Go and Grow Online Campaign?

The Go and Grow online campaign, has been created in partnership with Microsoft, Verizon and Curry’s PC world and is aimed at giving those micro start ups the best advice possible to help them reach customers online. The campaign launched with a cool party in the Shard, but here’s what It’s really about.

We will be offering two workshops, (Maybe more) in Manchester. It’s a twelve step program. Well, actually, it’s eleven, but we could add one on! Heres’ what we will cover.

The eleven step programme


What kind of devices are you using? If you are trying to be the next Amazon with your trusty Packard Bell from 1994, It may be time to switch.


Do you have a domain? with an email address of just may not make the cut!


Hosting. Make it fast, make it secure. Consider your storage, traffic and platform. We can give some sound advice in this area.


Office Software. Choosing the right options. As a digital Agency, we don’t use Office much. For some of our clients however, it is their spinal column.

Web Presence

Your website. We develop bespoke webs and applications. Now, We could have you online in a couple of hours. Could we have you visible? No. So we don’t make quick websites. Does that mean though, that having a quick and dirty website is rubbish? Not at all. you should have some presence, to send your contacts to. We can advise on some of the cheaper ways to get yourself online, without making it hard to extricate yourself later on.


Legal stuff. we will talk about what you need to be legal online. This will depend largely on what you do and where you do business.


Email marketing. That old chestnut! How do you set up your campaigns for success? how do you stay relevant? We can show you how to keep clicks and opens high, by using simple segmentation.

Social Media

Social Media. Many start with this. But if not, how can you get set up? In the sea of networks, which ones should you use?

Online Visibility

Rising up search. Ok, this is where we are experts. We will tell you what works, what doesn’t, and where you could potentially do it faster.

Marketing Automation

Automation. We can demonstrate some of the tools you can utilise to make life easier!


Finally, nothing is any use if you can’t measure your success. We explain the basics of analytics and other measuring tools and help you make sense of the data in it’s simplest form.

Exploring Singapore with Enterprise Nation

This month, Me, Andi Wilkinson boldly went where no Factory team member had ever been before. Singapore. The mission was organised by Enterprise Nation and took a delegation of company directors to various locations in the fabulous city of Singapore.

The city was striking. To go so far across the world, a fourteen hour flight and land practically on the other side of the world for me was quite daunting. When I arrived into an efficient, exciting and spotless city that alone should have been exciting enough.

First Class Treatment!

I arrived at Gatwick. We were met at the airport by managers at the Singapore Airlines lounge and treated to some first class champagne and canapés! What a way to start our trip. It was a long and tiring flight, but I had already met with some of the delegates on board and my anxiety about travelling so far had subsided a little. Helped along by the wonderful hospitality of the airline stewards and a glass or two of something strong.

first class treatment
*Some preferential treatment & Rainy Singapore!

Arriving in Singapore it was grey and Rainy. Had I really left Manchester? After a quick freshen up, we went to our first destination, Muru-D. This was an incubating space with support for startups. We were told how many app and tech startup companies were up and coming in this city and how much sheer investment went into their support.

We explored the large and varied food markets for some excellent street cuisine. Next, we were bustled along to the KPMG offices, where I am sure our hosts got the short straw. We were truly flagging by this stage, having been up for so long. Listening to concise information on tax was a little more than most of us were able to process, but we had more coffee and soldiered on. That evening we had dinner, a drink or two and an early one.

Laska for breakfast

chilli crab

The next morning our hotel presented us with a delightful array of asian cuisines. Laska for breakfast? I had two bowlfuls! Then, after looking at the cool innov8 space for startups, we had a few more stops. What I loved about this day was the fun afternoon we spent with Iris Worldwide. A big brand Agency. I have written more about that here. We were treated to another champagne reception by a large law firm, and then for anyone who wanted, Margaret Manning from Adelphi Digital kindly treated us to Chilli Crab. A Singaporean must have! It’s the first time I ate crab and it was delicious.

*You Gotta Try The Chilli Crab

On our final day we listened to people who had made their life in Singapore work. Notably Margaret Manning from Adephi, our kind hostess from the evening before, and someone i aspire to be more like. Starting just like me, she is nown running her creative Agency in six asian nations. It blew me away.

After a couple more stops, I enjoyed a gorgeous seafood lunch overlooking the river, with my new found associates and then I spent a wonderful afternoon with one of the missionaries enjoying a stroll around the botanical gardens and a cocktail or two at the top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel, vowing I would return with my husband and take that view in again.

botanical gardens singapore
The Amazing Botanical Gardens

Blown away

Singapore is truly remarkable. Aiming to be the first Smart City in South East Asia, its a great starting point for anyone who wants to explore trade in the far east. Why do we say this? Primarily the first spoken language is English. I don’t want to come off like an entitled English person, but I had travelled so far. I had my ‘work in every country’ plug adaptor with me. When I got into the hotel and went to plug it in, the plugs were.. English. Also, they drive on the left side of the road, which everyone knows is the right side to drive on.

The city itself is really small. A couple of days there and you recognise the buildings and know where you are going. Noteworthy to see are the incredible Marina Bay Sands Hotel and the Botanical Gardens.

So, Singapore may not have given me a great deal in the way of business opportunity on this particular occasion, but it definitely enriched my life and I don’t think I have seen the back of it.

Southeast Asia. Exploring trade with Enterprise Nation

So our co-founder, Andi Wilkinson, has been asked by Enterprise nation to be part of a Go Global trade mission to Southeast Asia. The mission will take twenty five businesses to Singapore to explore international trade options. While in Singapore, the purpose of the mission is to:

  • Gain an understanding of the creative technology landscape in Singapore.
  • Learn the ins and outs of tax, legal, trade and also finance process and systems.
  • Have an opportunity to make sales, connections and collaborations with local agencies, government representatives, accelerators and fellow mission goers.
  • finally to meet with other entrepreneurs who will share their learnings and successes.

While in Southeast Asia

Thursday’s programme will include talks from experts working at HSBC, KPMG. Andi will hear from The UK-ASEAN Business Council & muru-D. The missionaries will learn about business in Singapore. Singapore is a base to explore many markets in Asia. They will explore the KPMG Digital Village and learn about trade processes in Singapore. HSBC will then discuss the best ways to manage all of your finances & raise any funds whilst in the city. Thursday’s business will conclude with an evening reception. There, the missionaries will learn about British business in Singapore from the British Chamber of Commerce.

Friday’s business will be a little more relaxed. The morning will start with tours of Singtel Innov8, Spring start-up-space. Next on to a look around Level3. The afternoon will kick off with a talk from the Economic Development Board & GeBIZ. Next, Andi will then be joining the other missionaries in a Creative Afternoon with Iris Worldwide. There they will attempt to solve a challenge with one of the world’s most creative agencies!

The third & final day of this mission to southeast Asia begins with a talk from local entrepreneurs. Andi will get to hear the advice from experienced people, who’ve been there & done it. The missionaries will gain some top tips & advice on how to business in Singapore. This group of entrepreneurs includes:

  • Margaret Manning from Adelphi Digital.
  • Tim Webb of Sequebb.
  • Andrew Pickup from Microsoft.
  • Steve Melhuish, founder at

So! Andi is really keen to learn about conducting business in Singapore. Read what she said to enterprise nation here.

Made by Factory help business achieve online visibility. They are Google Partners. If you need help improving your digital presence, get in touch with the team on 0161 826 1222.

Hand Picked By Google

As a Mancunians, We were “proper chuffed” to be picked for Google Elevator. So my business was chosen as only one of thirty agencies in the UK. Chosen for what? Chosen to take part in Google’s elite fast track to success coaching programme ‘Elevator’. Get Me! It’s a three day course in London, over three months, with personal coaching to boot. There’s a few other sessions thrown in too and hopefully an afterparty. And it’s all about the afterparty!

So, the programme is led by Robert Craven, a first class, international business keynote speaker. Because of his enthusiastic delivery and a simple step by step approach to digital agency growth, Robert has been voted number 42 in the UK Power 100 for Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurs and referred to as “The UK’s Number One Business Speaker”.

Knowing that Google have a reputation for bringing in the best. It’s an honour to be in the small group of agencies to benefit from his experience. See all my other Google Shizz here.

What is Google Elevator?

The programme looks at the successes behind major players on the Google Partners programme and sees what makes them tick.  It involves only thirty agencies in the UK. Those who have shown they have the expertise and mindset to successfully scale their digital agencies. It gives them the methods they need to achieve their goals and helps with strategy. By strategy,  I mean, where am I going and how the hell am I going to get there?

Since gaining our Google Partner badge, we have earned the search, display and mobile specialisms. We are certified in all five areas of Google Advertising and Analytics. Since then I have provided training with local authority growth programmes in Manchester.  I continue to educate business on the power of digital advertising. Also, this year I am a growth advisor for Enterprise Nation.

So, how does this help anyone? Basically, I always look for the latest knowledge, data and training to make sure that the work I do for our clients and the advice I give them is up to date and relevant.

Bringing Google to Rochdale Borough

On Thursday July 13th in Hopwood Hall College, We are bringing Google to Rochdale. The team at Factory will be offering expert advice along with PPC strategists from tech giant Google UK.

This short event is aimed at business owners across the borough. We will show specifically how a sound digital strategy can grow your company or brand.

Many events of this nature target the Business to Customer sector. But Rochdale, a town famous for its manufacturing and engineering skill will largely be playing host to this type of business.

We have had several other events with Google in Rochdale but this one will be much larger, hosting around 70 businesses.

Our Expertise

Google and Factory have it covered. We have specialist experience working with companies such as steelworks, mechanical engineering warehousing and distribution sectors. And also suppliers to these industries. We have proven results in growth and brand awareness across these sectors.

We are looking forward to delivering the session and answering any questions about digital marketing strategy. The team will also be offering free marketing and content audits and £120 worth  of Google AdWord vouchers to businesses trying out AdWords for the first time, or the first time this year.

WordCamp Europe. A Mancunian In Paris.

When I sat drinking Zombies with WordPress Wrangler Tom, in Sandanista in Manchester, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. WordCamp Europe.


WordCamp Europe was in Paris. Uniting 1900 attendees from around 80 countries. There were another 1000 or so who joined via livestream. It was something amazing to behold.

I embarked on my journey. The first time I had ever travelled overseas alone, I felt so intrepid!

Where have I come to?

Arriving in Paris, I saw my first glimpse of my hotel. Where had I gone to? Aubervilliers is where WordCamp was held. It was rough as hell! Although my hotel was considered ’boutique’, my bathroom was in the hall. There was a combo lock from the outside and nothing on the inside. The combo lock had 4 numbers: 1234. My combo was 4321. I did not feel safe.

Regardless I had some new friends to meet up with, and Uber is everywhere. So, I jumped in a taxi and made my way out.

The first day was contributor day. If you don’t know what a contributor day is, read this post.

After a hard day’s work and some new friends made, we went into Paris for a few drinks. At least I felt better after a drink or two. I spent a happy hour in a kebab shop with two Israelis, chatting about nothing. See, this is what I love about WordCamp. My list of conversations with people around the world was growing.

Onwards to WordCamp Europe

The next day was WordCamp in earnest. My first stop, the Swag hall because we all love swag. I made a point of chatting to everyone I could and cramming my JetPack bag with stickers, bags, sunglasses, fidget spinners and anything else I could lay my hands on.

It was a hot day. I hadn’t considered this. Everybody filtered outside for lunch and sat in the grass. So, I decided to mooch around and speak to new people. I met a couple of guys from Lisbon, who told me all about the city which was great. I’m off to web summit in November so it was good to get the heads up.

That night, I was still unhappy with the hotel. So I moved to the budget Ibis Aubervilliers. It was like a hospital room in prison. But at least it had AC!!

That evening, I went for a steak and a couple of mojitos, with Dave and Steph, a couple I met at WordCamp Manchester. I had the nicest night, just chilling outside a restaurant in a Parisienne street.

What were my highlights?

It was fantastic to meet Morten Rand-Hendrikson. Someone who taught me how to use WordPress via Also Zac Gordon, who did the same via Treehouse.  I was developer starstruck! It was also great to watch a talk on the history of WordPress by Mike Little and Matt Mullenwegg.

The After Party.

After the final day, it was time for the after party. I’m sorry WordCamp Europe but this was a huge disappointment. The twitter feed of people wanting to leave said it all. Because the food was sparse, and it took an hour to get it. When i say sparse, we had a hot dog so it was a bit of a let down.