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How to use social media for marketing

When done right, Social media marketing is a tool that will generate consistent lead streams and revenues to a business. Read our guide to each platform.
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What Are The Benefits Of Digital Marketing?

A comprehensive guide to the benefits of digital marketing by former Googler Ben Tennant. co founder of Manchester Digital Agency Made By Factory.
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Charity Grants from Google

Just think what a charity could do with $10,000 per month (£7500) of advertising, recruit volunteers, attract donations and share their story globally.
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Getting The Most From Your Email Marketing

Email marketing done right can lead your audience down a carefully crafted funnel and right in the path of your product or services
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9 most important PPC changes you need to know about in 2019

As the dust settles following the Google Marketing Live event, Factory takes a closer look at the key Google Ads PPC changes for 2019
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Hand-Picked For Google Elevator - Elite Google Partnership Programme

As a Mancunians, We were “proper chuffed” to be picked for Google Elevator. So my business was chosen as only one of thirty agencies in the UK.
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