Charity Grants from Google

Posted on 4th January 2019 by Hugo Finley

‘You have to spend money, to make money’ the common English saying is correct. Charities should take this into account when running their online presence, both in terms of a website and in terms of marketing.

Marketing has become a ‘dirty word’ within the charity sector but it is essential for charities to bring money and volunteers in and talk about what they do. You only have to look at the inserts you get in a magazine these days to see how charities are changing their strategies for generating income.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is often the last thing that charities are thinking about and maybe it is time to realise that it should be one of the first, setting an appropriate budget in place for both a continued marketing strategy and for a website is key to staying relevant, and for income generation.

Small and medium charities don’t have the skill base in place to do this well and really need to consider outsourcing this to a dedicated digital marketing company like Factory who have the skills and knowledge to help charities make the most of their online resources. Many charities don’t event know about Google Grants for example that give $10,000 of in-kind Google Ads every month to charities.

Google Grants

Just think what a charity could do with $10,000 per month (£7500) of advertising, recruit volunteers, attract donations and share their story globally. If charities want to do this, they really need to invest in having a Google Ads account well managed this could cost as little as five hundred pounds a month after the initial set up fees.

It is not a simple thing setting up a Google Grants account which is why budgeting for someone to set up and manage your account from day to day is essential. It will cost charities money to do this too, as many people who try to do it have little or no idea what they are doing, and charities suffer from not getting the exposure they hoped from setting up these accounts.

Google Ad Grants Logo

Charities looking to take advantage of Google Ads need to look for marketing companies who are Google Partners but also have Google certified members of their team like we do at Factory, this should mean that charities will get the effective advertising campaign they want. Sometimes it just makes sense to pay for a professional service.

I have worked and volunteered with charities for over 20 years in various rolls from being as a trustee, facilitator and even run drama workshops on social issues, I was also employed by one for 6 and half years. I wish in many cases we had known about the Google Grant before now as I can see the value it could add to charities not just in terms of bringing in donations but also in exposure and finding that rare commodity volunteer time.

If you are a charity looking for help with setting up a Google Grant why not give our Ben a call to talk about setting up an account. We at Factory are a dedicated team who work on bringing all our skills together to help our clients reach their goals. It is worth reading this FR Jones and Son case study so you can see the power of a well managed Google Ads campaign.