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Last Thursday and Friday, Danny & Andi joined Enterprise Nation on one of their Go Global Missions. We went to Dublin, Ireland on a mission that was designed to help people in the food industry. We work with a few foodies so we wanted to ensure our expertise was up to date.

Or did we just visit the Temple Bar? Find out..

We arrived in Dublin and met up with around 35 businesses on Thursday morning for the event. After a quick freshen up at the very nice boutique O’Callaghan Davenport hotel, we were whisked away by our lovely Welsh coach driver Danny to visit a few of the worlds biggest social media giants.

At Facebook, we had a nice lunch and a tour of their partners centre. Facebook explained how their advertising system works and how it can benefit your brand.

Their hardware is so clever, that when a piece of their data centre fails, it robotically re-engineers itself. Then it reprograms itself. Honest, we can’t make this stuff up! A visit to Facebook also encompassed their app Instagram, and some insights into the platform for advertising.

Next we jumped back on the coach and headed over to Twitter. There we were kindly treated to cupcakes and some insider information on how their advertising platform can help to grow your business or brand. Armed with killer tips and more, we set off to LinkedIn. Linkedin gave us loads of insights into their strategy.

Go Global to the Ambassadors House.

Next, we went to the British Ambassador’s residence for canap├ęs and cocktails. We listened to some inspiring stories from former startups. it was a thought provoking day and we came away with a lot to process. That evening tired and hungry but late, we gathered around the hotel bar and made some great connections, stayed up far too late and ate lots of Pizza with the Go Global team at Enterprise Nation and the other missionaries.

As Friday was aimed at delegates pitching their products to some of the worlds biggest food suppliers, Danny and I decided to sample some of the delights of Dublin & did a bit of shopping & sightseeing. We arrived back in time to have a chat with founder of the New Covent Garden Soup Co John Stapleton, drink some Guinness & have a final chat with some of the new connections we made.

It was such a worthwhile event for us. As a relative startup ourselves in the capacity of our team, we had a lot to reflect on. Getting your story right as a brand is something that cropped up on a few occasions. You may be great at what you do, but a brand is a story. Getting people to engage and follow your story is half the battle.

We would like to thank Emma, Harriet, Dan and the team for a fantastic & hugely informative trip & hope to Go Global again soon!

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