Getting The Most From Your Email Marketing

Posted on 28th November 2017 by Andi Wilkinson

In a time when people are becoming ever more tired of the onslaught of emails, it still manages to be a powerful ally in your sales arsenal. Done right, it can lead your audience down a carefully crafted funnel and right in the path of your product or services. Done wrong you’ll anger them royally and have to beg for forgiveness.

We also know there’s a formula for what people will opt into. No one is going to leave an email address for something they can readily find for free. Like a recipe for brownies. Unless they are really ‘special’ ones.

For opt in success, you need a measure of relevance, and ease of consumption. People might not be that eager to read an ebook, but give them a one page cheat sheet and it’s hooky as anything.

The Opt In Method

We’ve all seen it. Something compelling such as a video or webinar that you really must digest. All you need to do is leave your email address. Its a big risk. Do you risk the barage of emails or do you get lucky and unlock some sweet content?

Again, its all about relevancy. We manage and grow email lists, and check from time to time whether people want to stay on them. Ensuring the right messages go to the right people by using analytics, we hit open and click rates that are well above average.

Sponsored Gmail Promotions

What If we told you, you could sponsor an email directly into the gmail inbox of every one of your competitors online customers? With clever targeting, you can leverage the traffic of other brands offering similar services to your own and up your awareness. The best thing about this tactic is it’s completely white hat.

Even though email marketing has become saturated it’s still a highly successful way to reach your target audience. 

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