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Every year, the biggest tech conference in the whole universe takes place in Lisbon. They call it Web Summit. I went to check it out.

Arriving in Lisbon, orientation started at the airport. Signs were up and a team were waiting to point us in the right direction. With over 60,000 delegates arriving in the city, this was no surprise.

Stephen Hawking at Web Summit

I arrived at the venue in time for opening remarks on the main stage. To our absolute amazement and delight, the conference was opened by none other than Prof. Stephen Hawking. He welcomed us and spoke on the future of AI

Later, I was very lucky to be invited to the exclusive speaker dinner. There I met lots of exciting people, brushed shoulders with Youtube celebrities and ate dinner with the co-founder of ethereum. It was all a bit surreal. Is this what Silicon Valley feels like?

The next day Web Summit began in earnest. With over twenty-five individual conferences and stages taking place over all four huge exhibition spaces, along with workshops and mastermind sessions, the hard decision was choosing what to attend and what to give up.

Whilst I spent most of my time at the content creation and digital marketing spaces, Danny who was with me, spent a great deal of time listening to the keynote speeches on the main stage.

Nasdaq open at Web Summit

My highlights

Some of my personal highlights was a short workshop from BBC comedian and writer who explained timing and humour in social media. Full of memes, it was current engaging and funny.

Moz founder Rand Fishkin also gave a talk on the future of SEO in 2018 which was highly relevant and full of great tips. It deserved its own summary completely so we wrote about that here []

We were in the main stage for the official opening of the NASDAQ trading, where there was a live link to Times Square.

Overall we came back from web summit armed with new information, future technology and current best practices, and it’s an event that will stay in our minds for a long time. Well until the next one blows it out of the water.

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