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We run and manage Google Ads PPC campaigns that help businesses grow. 
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Head of PPC Ben managed a portfolio of 50 PPC Agencies at Google UK, Including Ours. We completed the Elite Google Elevator programme & Ben has worked on some of the world's leading brands & has never seen an account we can't improve. At Factory We Promise:

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We run and manage Google Ads PPC campaigns that help businesses grow. We are Google Partners, but most importantly, we are a team of specialists who use our years of experience and knowledge to make this digital marketing platform work for your business. With an ex-Googler overseeing the management of all our client’s Google Ads accounts, we know how to get the most for your investment.
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We get to know your business and understand your business goals to ensure Google Ads marketing achieves the results to meet and achieve your short-term and long-term business goals.

With Google Ads, we can market your products and services to people in every aspect of their online viewing. From Google Search result ads and Google Shopping ads through to catching the attention of your potential customers with Google Display ads and YouTube ads while they browse various websites.

Creating A Plan

Our expert team look at your marketing objectives and customer profile before creating a digital marketing plan that meets your business goals and objectives. We consider who your ideal customer is and where best to find and engage with them online.

Whatever your business goal(s) might be, Google Ads will have a format that can be utilised for its potential to get you the results you desire. Our team know how to leverage the power of this platform to develop and implement a digital marketing plan that will work for you based on your budget and marketing requirements.

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The Google Ad Types

Google Search Ads

Google Search ads are the primary form of Google Ads marketing for most businesses because everyone wants to be found when their potential customers are looking for them. By targeting people through Google Search ads, your business really can be in the right place at the right time across Google Search and Google Maps.

Google Search ads are displayed to your potential customers when they carry out a search which includes relevant keywords for your business. These ads appear above and below the organic (unpaid) results.

These ads are used to drive website visits, increase phone calls to your business or increase customer visits to your store.

Google Search ad campaigns include many technical aspects to drive toward success. The main elements are:

Keyword research

We carry out detailed keyword research and analysis based on your business, industry, landing pages, competitors and customer searches.

Negative Keywords

We utilise the targeting power of negative keywords; these ensure your ads only show when a relevant term is searched in Google. For example, if you are specifically selling “Laptop Computers”, then a negative keyword of “Desktop” will ensure your ads do not show when this word is in the search term.

Account Structure

By ensuring your Google Ads account is structured in a similar way to your website, we can refine the targeting to achieve greater success and ensure potential customers are finding the right products and services when they land on your website.

Engaging text ads

For every business with an online presence, there are likely to be many others who are also targeting the same potential customers and keyword search terms.

By having engaging text ads, we will make your business stand out from the crowd.

Managing the cost per click

This needs to be in line with your business goals, budget, industry and likely customer intent linked to the targeted keywords to get the best results for your investment.

Ad Extensions

These are useful add-ons to your text ads and help your ad stand out more.

With relevant extensions in place, you can achieve a higher click-through rate. You can display more information than usual text ads alone and own more of the search result page real estate.

Google Display Ads

We are not merely a team of digital marketers; we are also creatives. As creatives, we are experts in developing display ads that stand out from the crowd and engage with your potential customers. The Google Display Network includes millions of websites and can reach up to 90% of internet users worldwide, so the potential to reach your ideal customers could be right here.

Google Display ad targeting provides an opportunity to serve ads to people based on their interests and purchase intent. Our expert team develop custom audience profiles based on your business and ideal customer profile to gain ad impressions and awareness to the right internet users. By targeting people based on their interests, browsing history and demographics, we can increase the visibility of your brand, products or services to bring the right traffic to your website.

There are elements of Google Display ads that can benefit your business:

Display ads serve across various Google platforms

Website display ads, YouTube display ads, Gmail display ads and display ads within mobile apps.

A range of formats to meet business aims

Display ads can be created as graphic display ads, video ads, animated display ads, text-based banner ads and mobile app graphical ads. We also utilise responsive display ads to combine images, video and text.

Meet various goals

Promote your brand, increase product awareness, increase product sales, generate business leads.

Audience based targeting

Target people based on a set of interest and intent elements as opposed to what a user is searching for. Expand your customer base by being found by potential customers who do not yet know who you are and what you sell.


Google Ads Remarketing provides an opportunity to serve ads to people who have already visited your website or interacted with your ads in some way. These ads can be shown to your potential customers as they browse the web or watch video content. Remarketing is a powerful tool, and our expert team will utilise the capabilities to fit with your digital marketing plan.

Remarketing can boost conversion rates and return on investment because your branded ads are served to people who are already familiar with your business and products/services based on their previous website visit(s). People who already have a familiarity are more likely to come back and make a purchase or book a service.

We will create specific audience profiles based on website visits and how they interacted during their visit. If users have viewed specific products, we can market these to them following their exit from your website.

If people have spent a significant amount of time and viewed multiple pages before leaving, we can group these people together to remarket to them too as they will likely be interested in what is on offer.

The main benefits of remarketing with Google Ads are:

Target people based on their interaction with your website

Serve ads showing the specific product(s)/service(s) they viewed on your website, related products/services based on their past purchases/sign-ups

Increase brand awareness

Serve reminding people of your brand based on their previous use of your website.

Increase brand affinity

By utilising remarketing with Google Ads, you are staying connected with your potential customers.

Catch potential customers once they are further along the buying cycle

Many users will likely visit many websites before making a purchase or buying a service. By remarketing to your previous website visitors for a set period of time, you can remain in their thoughts and drive them back once they are ready to convert.

Google Shopping Ads

Our PPC experts are specialists in achieving highly profitable results for eCommerce businesses on Google Shopping. If you have a product to sell, we have the experience and know-how to make this platform bring the sales volumes you need to reach your business goals. We can harness the power of Google Shopping for all eCommerce platform websites – From Shopify and Magento to WooCommerce and BigCommerce, plus many more.

Google Shopping results appear primarily in the Google search results pages. These ads include product imagery, description and price along with your business name and any relevant extensions. For more exposure, Google Shopping ads can also appear across The Google Display Network, YouTube and Gmail to reach people at various stages of the buying cycle. By showing across multiple platforms, you gain an opportunity to grab the attention of potential customers while they are researching what you are selling.

An essential element to achieve success with Google Shopping is the product feed. A well-managed product feed can be the difference between success and failure and also the cost you pay per conversion. By regularly optimising each product feed, we ensure the Google system can draw on the information provided to increase ad impressions, clicks and conversions.

Success with Google Shopping relies on many pieces falling into place; here are just a few:

Ensuring good quality product imagery

This makes the ads more engaging and will help them to stand out against your competitors.

Relevant product titles

A product titles should describe what is on offer, similar to how keyword targeting works with Google Search. Our team work tirelessly to ensure product feeds are relevant and up to date.

Highlight current promotions

These work in a similar way to Google Search ad extensions by adding a descriptive element to your shopping ad. These are another way to make your ads stand out against your competitors’ ads.

Custom labels

By adding custom labels to your product feed, we can organise specific products into groups for marketing purposes.

YouTube Ads

If you are looking to build vast levels of awareness in your brand, products or services, then YouTube video ads are a great way to do this. We manage and run video ad campaigns for many different goals, from building awareness of a specific service through to gaining product sales by combining the power of YouTube with Google Shopping ads.

Video ads are a great marketing tool to increase brand fans by telling people all about what you are offering and to help them learn more of what your brand is all about.

Similar to Google Display marketing, YouTube also provides us with the opportunity to serve ads to people based on their interests as well as targeting based on video content and specific channels. Our team create targeting profiles that are bespoke to your business and based on your business marketing goal(s).

Some of the main areas of YouTube Ads are:

Find the right people

With YouTube ads, we draw on our experience and expertise to connect your brand with the people who are interested in your products/services.

Potential for some free publicity

Only pay for a YouTube ad view when a user watches at least 30 seconds of the ad (or the full ad if shorter) or if they interact with the ad.

Huge audience potential

 With over 2 billion signed in monthly users, it is an ideal platform to find the right audience for your business.

Be engaging

When looking to increase your customer base, YouTube provides the ideal platform to reach more people and to expand the awareness of your brand.

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