Why Google AdWords is Now Google Ads

Andi Wilkinson
Andi Wilkinson 7th July 2018

Google AdWords launched way back in 2000 with 350 advertisers. Since then it has gone through many iterations, so it’s no surprise that 2018 brings a major overhaul to their suite of advertising products. So what’s changing apart from the Name? When Google AdWords becomes Google Ads, what will advertisers need to do to stay ahead of the curve?

In short, here are the changes that are coming.

  • Google AdWords becomes Google Ads.
  • DoubleClick products and Google Analytics 360 will unify under a single brand: Google Marketing Platform.
  • DoubleClick for Publishers and the DoubleClick Ad Exchange will become Google Ad Manager.

The world is changing. The way we consume content is changing. We are a generation or generations of multi-tasking, multi-screeners. We are a mobile generation. Back in 2014, mobile traffic surpassed desktop and the gap is widening. With this, marketers have found new ways to reach their audiences via multiple touchpoints along the consumer journey, from display advertising, video, text and more.

So, On June 27, 2018, Google announced the changes to their advertising platform, simplifying the suite of products into three brands, namely: Google Ads, Google Ads Manager and Google Marketing Suite.

Google Adwords Becomes Google Ads.

The new Google Ads brand will encompass the full suite of advertising products Google has to offer. In essence, not a lot has changed here except the name. Google Ads will still offer marketers the same exciting capabilities it always has, with one exception, it has vastly improved its offering for smaller business.

Google Ads will be offering new campaign types, specifically aimed at helping smaller business. Using machine learning, it aimed at helping small business get fast results without all the know how that has caused them to falter in the past. This is great news for many, particularly those who may not really have the spend to work with an agency. If you are a small business, you can read more about that in this blog post from google

Google Marketing Platform

So, 360 Analytics and DoubleClick will now be branded under the single entity of Google Marketing Platform. Ads and analytics go hand in hand for any successful campaign strategy. As such it’s made sense for Google to combine them. It means advertisers can plan, measure and optimise in one place.

Google Ad Manager

Unifying DoubleClick for Publishers and the DoubleClick Ad Exchange, Google Ad Manager, in their words, “helps you deliver immersive ad experiences across any device or platform that users and advertisers love”. Bringing together customisable native ads, and programmatic buying, it’s a publishers dream come true.

Ultimately, not a great deal is changing other than the way we will interact with the software, but as an ever-evolving platform, it’s time to look forward to a more unified, streamlined marketing experience.

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