Going4Growth with the Manchester Business Growth Hub & Made by Factory

Update: Google AdWords has now been renamed Google Ads, to take into account its wide range of advertising products.

Made by Factory, in conjunction with the Manchester Business Growth Hub, are helping businesses reach their goals through digital marketing.  As a trusted Google Partner, Factory was invited to run a Google Ads workshop for local businesses.

So, we put our heads together and devised content for the event that was useful to all attendees, regardless of their industry.  Of course, nobody can cover the full ins and outs of the machine that is AdWords in a single morning.  However, we wanted to ensure we covered all the key bases, such as AdWords, Analytics and SEO.

The event, held at the Crown Oil Arena, was an opportunity for businesses in the Dale to find out more about how Google AdWords can help their business grow.

The Content:

We covered a range of topics to provide a sound base knowledge of Google AdWords:

What is AdWords?

The various platforms within the system and which ones to use for different stages of their sales funnel.

Impact Mapping

Danny took the attendees through an impact mapping workshop.  As a result, each business was able to look at the main goal they wanted to achieve through digital marketing.

Planning an AdWords Account

First of all, you need to work out a budget, targeting and your account structure.  This also gave an opportunity to cover the available tools for planning, such as the Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush and MOZ.

Building the Account

I presented the room with a comprehensive step-by-step guide for building their AdWords account.  I also discussed the best practices at each stage.


We went through the basics of SEO and discussed why it is important for businesses to utilise both SEO and AdWords when they are looking for growth.  We then followed this with information on the key tools that they can use for their SEO.

Google Analytics

Finally, we covered the general use of Google Analytics along with the reasons for using it in conjunction with AdWords when creating goals and measuring performance.


The event was extremely well received and the attendees were kind enough to score us 5/5 for event content and presentation quality.  The format allowed us to keep a relatively open forum for attendees to ask any questions they had, so we could add value on the fly.

Going4Growth in Manchester is a practical programme for local businesses to get support through various events.  The workshop we held was attended by a variety of businesses, from electricians to photographers and manufacturers to toy retailers

Depending on your available time and budget, it can often be easier (and more financially rewarding) to work with a digital agency like ours. We find that our agency management fee is often more than covered by the amount of money we either raise in additional conversions or save our clients in misplaced ad spend.  Speak to us today to discuss your needs.


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