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As a Mancunians, We were “proper chuffed” to be picked for the Google Elevator programme. So my business was chosen as only one of thirty agencies in the UK. Chosen for what?

Chosen to take part in Google’s elite fast track to success coaching programme ‘Elevator’. Get Me! It’s a three-day course in London, over three months, with personal coaching to boot. There are a few other sessions thrown in too and hopefully an afterparty. And it’s all about the afterparty!

The programme is led by Robert Craven, a first-class, international business keynote speaker and author of the book “Grow Your Digital Agency”. (A book for every digital marketing agency)

Because of his enthusiastic delivery and a simple step by step approach to Digital Agency growth, Robert has been voted number 42 in the UK Power 100 for Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurs and referred to as “The UK’s Number One Business Speaker”.

Knowing that Google has a reputation for bringing in the best. It’s an honour to be in the small group of agencies to benefit from his experience. Robert knows how to bridge the gap between determination and a high-performance agency. The Google Partners Elevator programme does just that.

What is Google Elevator?

The programme looks at the successes behind major players on the Google Partners programme and sees what makes them tick.  The elevator program involves only thirty agencies in the UK. Those who have shown they have the expertise and mindset to successfully scale their digital agencies.

It gives them the methods they need to achieve their goals and helps with strategy. By strategy,  I mean, where am I going and how the hell am I going to get there?

How do you get on the Google Elevator programme?

The programme is invitation only. Since disbanding the partners team for blue badged partners in Leeds, the programme only seems to be available for larger accounts or premier Google Partners. The course used much of the material from Robert’s Book “grow your Digital Agency” which is available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle Edition.

Robert also speaks at a host of events across the UK and runs the ‘GYDA Initiative’ so if you’re reading this as an agency who wants to know more about Elevator and Robert’s work, join his facebook group here at https://www.facebook.com/GYDAinitiative/ and tell him Andi sent ya!

Since gaining our Google Partner badge, we have earned the search, display and mobile specialisms. We are certified in all five areas of Google Advertising and Analytics. Since then I have provided training with local authority growth programmes in Manchester.  I continue to educate business on the power of digital advertising. Also, this year I am a growth advisor for Enterprise Nation.

So, how does this help anyone? Basically, I always look for the latest knowledge, data and training to make sure that the work I do for our clients and the advice I give them is up to date and relevant.

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Andi is co founder of Manchester Digital Agency, Factory

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