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With over 10 billion pages on the web and counting, every website owner knows that being found online is becoming more and more of a challenge. A great SEO Strategy can help.

As well as having an SEO (search engine optimisation) and Pay Per Click strategy to ensure your site is visible, just how can content editors make improvements to their own blogs and pages that they add to on a regular basis? Here are our top tips to guide you.

Use Keywords

The right keywords can get your page higher in the search results. For example, Factory is a “digital marketing agency in Manchester”, so we may use a combination of these words as keywords.

There is no point picking some obscure keywords that are unlikely to be found when searched for. For example, “Made by Factory, a digital agency who make WordPress websites”. This is not only long winded but if we used this we would be expecting our potential clients to know our name already.

Writing a Post with SEO in Mind

Make sure you put the keyword or phrase into the title of the post, WordPress generates the page URL based on your title, so it appears in the URL. Make sure you have ‘post title’ permalinks enabled in your WordPress settings for this to work. (these can be accessed in ‘settings>permalinks’.) Be careful about changing existing URLs, as you can damage existing backlinks. If you need to change a URL, ensure you create a 301 redirect.

Break your post down using subtitles, to a max of 300 words. Check how readable posts are, use related keywords in the post too. Linking internally between posts and pages allows visitors to your site to find similar material. A reputable and trusted external link to a site will also help search engines index your pages.


Picture of Media Library image edit box

Name or title your images and add an alt tag (which describes the image content) this helps search engines when indexing your site. You can do it in the media library. Your images need to be a sensible size (under 100k is a good rule of thumb), so they load quickly and also help break up any large chunks of text.

Yoast SEO Plugin

The Yoast SEO plugin adds a meta-container on the post edit screen. This meta-container allows you to add meta title and description for your blog post. It also allows you to choose a focus keyword for your post.

We often use Yoast in client sites because the free and premium versions are highly reliable. When you use Yoast, it offers you the chance to add your own snippet. (This is the text that appears under the title link on google searches). You can also utilise a focus keyphrase, synonyms (premium), related keyphrase (premium). Use the main keywords of your site in your Focus Keyphrase. This will improve the findability of your posts and pages.

Developing an SEO strategy can be a minefield and can cost a lot in wasted time and money. Make sure you are geared up for success by getting the basics right. Solid foundations will always give you the best opportunity to succeed. If you’re looking to take the next step and want the experts to manage your SEO needs, speak to our team today.

Factory is a boutique digital agency in Manchester. We value client trust and relationships, gained by clear communication and quality outcomes; if you want honesty, advice in your interest and straight-talking people who give a damn about your business, then we are a great fit. We have built a number of websites, you can find them here. Contact our team if you are interested in working with us here at Factory.

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