Insights from Google AdWords August 2016

Everyone is a genius. But if you ask a fish to climb a tree it will spend the rest of its life believing it is stupid. How does that relate to Google AdWords?

Practically every client who engages us spends a good portion of our meetings apologising that they aren’t really that good with the digital stuff. It’s funny. I explain that I never apologise to my mechanic that I don’t know much about car engines, I simply find a reliable one and trust their expertise. What is the point of that story? I will get to it as I go along.

At our latest training day at Google London this August we focussed on some of the latest developments in the digital landscape. Here are some of the insights we took away.

Advertising in the UK

Advertising is a £20 billion pound market. 43% of this is Digital marketing, now taking the largest share. It is the highest value and is the fastest growing area of advertising. This article from The Telegraph last year showed we were already well on the way.

The fastest growing area within this is display advertising. With search engines such as YouTube being the second most popular worldwide, the potential for having your advert seen is growing daily. Although many businesses will use a search campaign, the amount using display is now growing faster than any other.

What is display and how is it different from search?

Simply put, think of search advertising as the yellow pages, where you can be in the moment when someone is looking for you. Think of display as the billboard, the magazine advert, the leaflet.

The Mobile Landscape

75% of mobile phone users in the UK are now using smartphones. Even with this percentage mobile advertising as a platform is still massively undervalued with people spending on average 2.5 hours daily on their mobile phones. Every time a user engages with content online, we think of this as a “micro-moment”. All of those little moments are an opportunity for a potential client to engage with your brand, product or service.

Even things traditionally bought in stores are switching to mobile devices, for example, fashion. 55% of fashion purchased online is bought through mobile devices. In fact, 49% of all goods bought online are now purchased through a mobile. Yet there is a discrepancy in the number of mobile advertisers and expertise. The percentage of small business focussing on display is also a weak area. The great news about this is that there is a playing field with relatively little competition in some areas and display advertising still remains one of the cheapest options.

Google AdWords Display Advertising

So what can we use display advertising for? One of the great suggestions we took away was building a lead portfolio. When linked with Google Analytics, your Google Adwords campaign is collecting data with every impression. Every click to your website, whether or not they are an immediate customer become a remarketing opportunity, where you have the opportunity to advertise to those visitors as they visit many other sites on the display network, effectively building up a lead portfolio. So even if you are not fully “open for business’ there is an opportunity to collect that audience for when you are.

Remarketing with Google AdWords

If you do already advertise with Google, are you taking advantage of remarketing? This is the single biggest converter with buyers clicking on adverts on average ten times before making a purchase. As a business, if you have been savvy enough to make use of a solid remarketing campaign, then currently you have a chance to be streets ahead of your competitors and land those clients or customers that other people are losing. We advise all our clients to have a remarketing strategy, otherwise, they are missing out on valuable custom.

Mobile conversions are on the up. So it’s vitally important to ensure you are getting your share of conversions by having a ‘mobile friendly’ website. This doesn’t simply mean it needs to be responsive, or look good on mobile. It means the customer journey needs to be simple and optimised for conversion. What do you ultimately want your user to do? How simple is it for them to do it?

Find customers similar to the ones you already have.

Are you making good use of your mailing list? Some businesses have been collecting email addresses for years but they still have no idea about the power those lists hold. With Google Customer Match, you can add your mailing list to your Google AdWords account. Then Google AdWords can match specific adverts to specific mailing lists or even sections of that list.

The amazing thing about remarketing is the ability to generate a similar audience from your existing visitors. Imagine if you have a thousand visitors to your site. Not the ones who just clicked and left but those who spent time looking at your content.  We can take this data and generate many more leads who have never even heard of you. In a campaign like this that we run for one of our clients, we generate six times as many brand new visitors. The power in customer match and similar audiences is immense & if you aren’t tapping into it you really should be!

Finding people who buy similar stuff

There are other ways we can find new visitors and leads too. We can find people who have the intent to buy a product or service like yours. This is especially great if you sell products online or offer an online programme for example. As advertisers, we can track the browsing habits of users who research similar products or services. We can see if they display a good intent to buy or have purchased similar in the past. We can then show your adverts to those people.

One of my personal favourite Google AdWords tools is Gmail sponsored promotions. With the promotions tab, you can sponsor a Gmail promotional ad into the Gmail inbox of the people you target. These could even be people who have bought a product or service from one of your competitors.

The landscape is changing, it’s fast, it’s unpredictable. But one thing we do know is that the GDN reaches 94% of the Global Internet audience. So if you aren’t on there you need to be and you need to do it now!

Made By Factory is a Digital Agency in Manchester, Manchester. We are Google Partners. Call us on 0161 826 1222. Or drop us a line at and speak to one of our Google AdWords experts today.


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