Made By Factory Are Joined by Googler Ben Tennant

Posted on 8th January 2018 by Andi Wilkinson

Time to read: 2 minutes

We are super chuffed to announce the arrival of a new partner in our small but growing digital team at Made By Factory. Enter Ben Tennant!

Joining us on January 1st is Ben, who will join us as a company director, co partner and head of PPC.

So, Ben joins us from tech giant Google UK, where he worked as an Agency Development Manager. We were one of the agencies assigned to his portfolio.

As a badged Google Partner Agency, we are assigned a highly trained AdWords expert at Google to support us with our account builds, client support and reporting. An Agency Development Manager will work on up to sixty agencies client accounts at once. Moreover, Ben has managed and optimised thousands of customer advertising accounts to improve performance and conversion rates.

Although we are a small agency, we are committed to following best practice and forward thinking. We keep our skills up to date to deliver the highest level of client service. As we continue to work with more Google Advertising spend, bringing a highly trained Google expert onto our team is the best way to ensure we are giving our clients the best value for money.

As a Manchester PPC Agency, we are badged Google Partners and accredited in Bing, LinkedIn and Facebook. Between us, we have managed millions of pounds of client spend.  From small business to corporate and blue chip clients we reduce wastage and improve conversion.

Want to stop pouring your money down the drain on a poorly performing advertising account? Why not set up a consultation with Ben today and see how Factory can help you reach your business goals.