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Dancing in The Rain

Can you make a print in the style of Banksy?

The Banksy piece where the kid is dancing in the rain and the man walks with his umbrella. In fact, that’s not Banksy, but an artist called Skurktur so I want to credit the artist for the heavy influence in this piece. It’s not commercial, it was a personal piece. I do love a challenge though!

The subject of the piece wanted to capture a similar kind of tone in her piece, so I considered how I could do this with one subject. In the Skurtkur piece, which in itself is heavily influenced by Banksy, the rain means different things to the two people in it. The man is trying to avoid the rain, disapprovingly, whereas the toddler is experiencing pure joy at experiencing the elements first hand.

Capturing the Subject

For this piece of work, I did’t need high end photos, I needed to capture a pose. So, I stood Julie in front of a white wall and snapped away. Look grumpy, look like you have no cares! This is the second pose, obviously and no, she’s not a triplet. But you know this.

Don’t Wait for the Storm to Pass

Stencilling Our Model

The next phase of the design was to create a stencilled effect. The design used varying layers of threshold, for different body sections, such as coat, dress, legs & face. I worked these until I achieved an effect where the whole body looked evenly stencilled. I absolutely love the essence of Julie’s personality captured here.

Keeping up in very much the same style, I used a stock photo of a park bench. Next, I used the sitting shot of Julie and her umbrella, working the images in the same way. As you can see, a stern Julie sits convincingly on the bench and not a plastic Ikea chair! Why even leave the room, when you have all this digital power at your fingertips

All this done, it was time to add in the rain. For the rain, I used paint drips, sourced from stock to get the right effect. I’d love to say I painted them myself, but constraints yo! I did use many many layers, blend modes and masks to get the effect shown. For that reason, I’m not going to apologise that I didn’t throw paint at a wall too and let it drip down!

The final result of course, is the first image in this post. As always, I wanted to share some insight as to how I created it. Life isn’t about waiting for the sun to shine. It’s about learning to dance in the rain!

What Our Client Said

I love it. It looks great in my living room and matches my rug!

Julie Bowmer

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Baby Don’t Yurt Me

Do you REALLY wan’t to Yurt me? Check out these crazy designs we created for Hexayurt UK

We were comissioned by Hexayurt UK to create, in short, “Something I can print on a Yurt”. A brief doesn’t get more free than this, so we set to work hand doodling some ideas. We didn’t really have anything in mind, what you see here just ‘evolved’. The primary consideration was that it could be placed in situ at a festival and look groovy. We began our background research on the size and shape of a Yurt!

Designing the Yurt

Straight from Andi Wilkinson, the artist. “I put pen to paper and drew the elements. By this I mean the tree, the kraken, the zeppelin and the boat. Next, I scanned them into Photoshop and added shading and colour. I used wallpaper designs to create the many textures on the elements. Other elements such as clouds, hills and grass were created with the pen tool and overlaid with various textures. I used stock for some elements like the bi-plane and the totem poles. Finally I shifted stuff around in a 3D environment to see where each panel would lay.”

The original inventor of the Hexayurt is Vinay Gupta of

The finished Yurt Design

Although its hard to see at small scale, this will wrap completely around the hexagonal panels and roof. The end of Square will sit at the entrance.

Although we haven’t seen this fab design in print yet, here’s an ‘artists impression’ (Well ours actually) of what it would look like! It’s hexy as hell! Need something fabulous and crazy for your event? get in touch today!

What Our Client Said

Working with Factory has been a very positive experience, right from the start. They have the three key ingredients of talent, professionalism and integrity, and you always get the feeling that you are really important to them. I highly recommend this company for your digital marketing needs.

Dylan Leighton, Hexayurt UK

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