Over 500% increase in traffic and increase in leads

A Cutting Edge Web & Marketing Solution for Kerf Developments

Client: Kerf Developments
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A Cutting Edge Web & Marketing Solution for Kerf Developments 1

Kerf Developments are a leading designer and manufacturers of tailored profiling solutions in the UK. We have been working with them over the last couple of years on their SEO and suggested they would see a marked improvement with a newly designed website. Here’s what happened.

We designed and developed a new website that is unique to Kerf Developments. The new website gives a huge opportunity for them to display and share their written content, images and videos.

Once the website was live, it was time to really boost their online presence to the outside world.

Following the design and development of an awesome new website, we have continued in our SEO drive to increase monthly organic traffic by over 500% since launch!

To generate valuable traffic and boost leads, our ex-Googler has put some amazing campaigns together.

We worked on increasing the brand awareness, consideration and, above all, continuous lead generation for this leading UK manufacturer.

As a result of the Website being launched, it was now time to unleash the power of our awesome digital marketing expertise. As an expert digital marketing agency, we really do know what works and how to minimise wasted ad spend for our clients.

Google Ads

YouTube Ads

Creating a huge increase in brand awareness for Kerf Developments. To significantly increase brand awareness and engagement with their brand, we have created highly-targeted custom audiences for marketing across the YouTube network. Month on month, we are achieving a video ad view rate of over 17.5%. Above all, over 590 hours of the video ads are being viewed each month by a highly targeted audience.

Display Ads

Building on the awareness generated through YouTube, we are able to implement specific targeting for our client’s marketing drive. With our focused targeting skills, we are achieving over 800,000 ad impressions each month with over a 1% click-through rate, against the Google average of 0.35%.

Search Ads

As with all marketing, one size does not fit all. With this in mind, we always build each marketing campaign based on our client’s actual goals. For Kerf Developments, we created a number of specific campaigns and targeting methods. These are focused on key areas of our client’s business. Through this approach, we are therefore able to minimise wasted ad spend. As a result, we are achieving a click-through rate across the ad account of over 6% month on month, against the Google average of 2%.

Total Google Ads Impact

Our marketing strategy has increased overall traffic by over 880%!!

Our ex-Googler’s experience of what works when it comes to building marketing campaigns is reaping amazing rewards for our clients. Join them today!

The amazing website

The website was created using the WordPress CMS, providing an easy platform for content management. The customer journey was re-mapped out allowing users to navigate through the site with ease, showcasing the four main areas of business; Plasma cutting, waterjet, oxyfuel and ultrasharp.

Since the launch of a newer, faster well-optimised website, Kerf Developments now have page one ranking for over a dozen of their industry keyword terms. Teamed with a well crafted Google Ad campaign, they are continuing to attract new customers regularly.

The next steps – Facebook Ads

We are also running Facebook Ads for Kerf Development. These have created a huge uplift in website visits, engagement and lead generation.

Every business needs an agency who know exactly how to create and implement powerful marketing strategies – That is exactly what our clients get from us. We have built striking, highly engaging display creatives and video ads for Kerf Developments’ Facebook Ad campaigns. These are delivering exceptionally high engagement levels with the brand.

By capitalising on the powerful targeting methods available with Facebook Ads, we are able to target a new wider audience to further drive awareness of the Kerf Developments brand and increase the volume of leads being generated.

The Facebook Ads Impact

Since launching Facebook Ads for Kerf Developments, we have achieved a lead generation rate of over 7.5% on a consistent basis!

We regularly optimise the website based on traffic and tracking data that we have compiled to ensure everything is set up for success. Kerf Developments gain real value through digital marketing and SEO that has been Made by Factory!

Sounds great, right?

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