A2M Safety Website Reaching New Heights

For: A2M Safety

The Brief

A2M Safety is one of the most recent acquisitions from the Kee Safety Group. Based in Weston-Super-Mare, A2M Safety has provided the South-West of England with high-quality fall protection equipment for over a decade.

Like some of the other Kee Saefty acquired companies, A2M Safety prides itself on solutions and services, including its comprehensive re-certification & maintenance package.

Given our work with several other companies in the Kee Safety family, we knew exactly what their new site needed to be.

The Challenge

A2M came to us with a brand-new logo, fonts and imagery they wanted to base the new site around. During one of the preliminary meetings, their management team expressed a desire to get case studies out. A2Ms most reputable piece of work was on the ‘’Up the O2’ attraction in London, where they installed the cables used on the attraction.

However, they wanted to move away from this and focus their case studies on the work in their local area, where they would be marketed. The site had to leave scope for that, with a section dedicated to their results.

Another critical point of the site was to specify a solution-based approach instead of a service one. This is useful in the industry, as customers do not always know exactly what product they need based on their circumstances, so we had to ensure the site was consistent with that.

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What We Did

After implementing the new logo, which we at Factory all were big fans of, the colour scheme and the latest imagery, the result was a more streamlined & simple-looking site than their previous one. It is easy to edit and create on WordPress using Oxygen, which was a big positive for them.

We produced the content for almost all of their pages (just another service we offer…) based on our content creation expertise and working with so many other fall-protection companies under the Kee umbrella.

A2M made it clear that they wanted case studies to be a part of their site; though they aren’t present yet, the structure to add them is. It will be good to go as soon as A2M feels ready to launch that part of the site.

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