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Website Refresh For Access Safety Prod

Client: Access Safety

The Brief

Access Safety Products is one of many members of the Kee Safety Group. Formerly known as British Standard Gratings, Access Safety Products produce various bespoke and standard steel fabricated solutions to suit the unique needs of their clientele.

Access Safety Products is a company with over 70 years of combined industry experience and offer advice and products to handle almost any flooring and hand railing needs.

With credentials like this and the work we'd previously done on Oxford Safety Components & Easi-Dec, we knew that this job required our best work. We had to deliver a fast-performing website in the same style as Oxford Safety, as that was a big hit with Kee, and make it good enough to match Access Safety Product's stellar reputation.

Access Safety Site on Multiple Screens

The Challenge

The existing Access, Safety Products website worked fine. Still, it was a little bit dated, so after Kee acquired Access Safety Products, they came to us with their brand guideline, containing all their desired colours, fonts and logos to move forward with. We were big fans of the style they'd come up with and were eager to get to work immediately.

We inspected the site and learnt that it was a WordPress build combined with Divi (a visual page builder plugin), so the first challenge was to quickly edit the current location with the new branding. The website needed to function as before but indicated that a brand-new site was coming.

The main challenge involved the new menu, page structure and the site's focus. We were briefed that the site was to include more solutions, a lot more, in fact, including some Kee-branded safety equipment. So we needed to figure out exactly how this menu would look and how all the pages would link together coherently and in a user-friendly manner.

The final challenge was moving away from a product-based website to one that focused on the solutions to various problems related to working at height. Companies tend to know broadly what they need but may not know which product to invest in.

Access Safety Pages on iPad Screens

What We Did

The solution we came up with was to keep the same URL structure for the existing pages and avoid any potential traffic changes. Other than that, we started from scratch.

Kee Safety was delighted with the structure of the Oxford Safety Components site, with a particular love of the menu. We took inspiration from our previous work and created a site with a similar feel but unique style, a new site with new branding consistent with the overarching and ever-growing Kee brand.

The final result was a new website and a new menu structure, with a clear focus on solutions rather than selling specific products.

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Since launch, we have run a targeted Google Ads campaign for lead generation, which has led to a steady flow of monthly enquiries for the Easi Dec brand. 

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