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The Client

Ruby & Daisy is an award-winning boutique shop that offers a unique collection of women’s clothing, accessories, and homewares. The shop boasts a fantastic selection of products sourced from local and independent designers worldwide, focusing on ethical, high-quality materials.

With a passion for fashion and impeccable customer service, Ruby & Daisy offers a personalised shopping experience, providing expert styling advice and recommendations to help customers find the perfect outfit or gift.

Ruby & Daisy

The Brief

With an already loyal social media following, Ruby & Daisy turned to the power of PPC marketing to expand their market share and reach the next level. They’ve contacted our PPC experts to increase online sales volumes and ROI.

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click advertising, is a powerful digital marketing tool allowing businesses to drive highly targeted website traffic. With PPC, companies only pay for each click on their ads, making it a cost-effective way to drive traffic, conversions, and revenue.

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The Solution

To achieve their eCommerce dreams, our PPC experts developed a carefully tailored Google Ads strategy focusing on continual growth, aiming to gain and maintain a low cost per conversion for maximum efficiency.

To start driving conversions for Ruby & Daisy’s marketing campaign, our team prioritised optimising Google Analytics setup and monitoring, and performing a comprehensive audit of the current performance.


Once we clearly understood the site’s performance, we developed and executed a targeted Google Ads strategy, focusing on high-margin product categories and creating custom audience targeting for commercial and individual customers.


Given the business’s E-Commerce nature, we also optimised the Google Merchant Centre feed to highlight product focus and seasonality. Using customised product feed labelling, we segmented the products for a more targeted approach and implemented an enhanced bidding strategy to increase the campaign’s effectiveness further. We aimed to deliver maximum ROI and drive conversions for Ruby & Daisy by implementing these measures.

Ruby & Daisy

Digital Marketing That Works:

We helped Ruby & Daisy by suggesting a laser-targeted remarketing PPC campaign strategy to boost their return customers and avoid basket abandonment.

Our team provided consistent guidance on enhancing their website functionality to make buying easier for their users.

We frequently tested different PPC ad features and settings to ensure positive outcomes while utilizing custom PPC reporting dashboards and data monitoring tools. Our efforts substantially improved Click-Through and Conversion Rates thanks to captivating ads that included personalized and attention-grabbing titles and descriptions.

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