Working Fast For Bartons Fall Protection Website

For: Barton

The Client

Barton Safety Services is a leading specialist provider of on-site inspection & maintenance for off-shore and on-shore wind turbines. As part of the Kee Safety Group, Barton is also a supplier of safe access solutions & fall protection equipment. Due to their strategic location in Belfast, Northern Ireland, they provide easy access to major transportation routes.

The Brief

Barton was undergoing a full company-wide rebrand and we were asked to create a website to launch in time with that. Barton provided us with their new brand guidelines with new colours, logos, fonts and some unique design elements.

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The Challenge

There were a couple of challenges to overcome in this project. Firstly, this was a particularly time-sensitive project. We were given the brief and the launch date for their new brand, and we had to make sure the website was good to go in time with that. It was in a shorter time frame than we would usually give, but we knew it was achievable.

The second challenge was more self-imposed: we wanted to use some of the visual elements from the brand guidelines on the website itself; we needed to strike a balance between the colours so it wasn’t too much.

The Solution

To get this out on time and still keep up work on other important projects, the whole team pulled together. We had team members doing the designing and others writing and uploading content to the website and we all made sure to do regular checks with each other and the Kee Stakeholders to make sure everything was correct and they were satisfied with the design. The solution to the design problem involved some actual maths to calculate the responsive widths of part of the design, not often do we have to do that but our web developer was quite pleased with himself when he figured it out! 

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