Beautiful Branding for Matthew James

For: Matthew James

A creative brand for Matthew James Site Services. Logo Design.


We work with a lot with companies in the engineering and manufacturing sectors. So, we know that being wildly creative can sometimes present a challenge. We rose to it gladly for maintenance company Matthew James Site Services. We created a gorgeous colourful brand identity that retained a professional look and feel.

Creating the Matthew James Branding.

The letters MJSS subtly form the colourful vector shape that makes up the graphic element of the design. Incidentally as well as having a background inĀ  construction, our client was a skilled photographer, and wished to offer this service as part of his site work. Construction imagery can often be difficult to hire for, due to the safety constraints around sites so this was a great skill mix.

Use of colour

The colours pertain the different areas of services from MJSS. We were mindful of the colour scheme for a later digital presence. As shown below, it also translates beautifully to stitching.


The logotype uses Gotham. a robust geometric sans that works beautifully in this sector. Overall we love this design. Its simple but especially eye-catching.

What Our Client Said

I really love this colourful design. As a lone worker, it’s really given me the appearance of a well established brand. Thank you Made By Factory.

Matt Wilkinson, MJSS

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