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The Client

123 People Development specialises in creating, facilitating and delivering tailored leadership, management & training courses around the UK. They specialise in providing online learning and teaching their clients how to rock at it.

We loved working alongside this dynamic business to create a brand-elevating website and social media plan to increase organic traffic and streamline user experience for higher conversion.

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The Brief

Though 123 People Development was top of its game, it had an outdated website when we began working with them. The content was out of date, and the navigation structure of their website left users unclear about the business intent.

The truth is, they hadn’t relied overly on their web presence to sell them. Still, in a growing competitive market, with all education turning online, the company wanted a much more solid web presence to make them stand out.

Until then, the company had relied on other means to promote itself; however, it realised the importance of a solid web presence to stand out from the crowd.

They put their trust in us to revamp their website, and we aimed to deliver a website that reflected their excellence and helped them establish a more substantial online presence.

123 people development web mock up

The Challenge

When we began working on their website, the first issue we needed to address for 123 People Development was the sheer amount of content on the site. It was overwhelming and not logically structured, making it difficult for users to find what they needed.

We identified the need to reduce the amount of content and establish a more apparent brand identity, including a new logo and colour scheme.

As experts in their field,123 People Development required an easy way for customers to book their services online to streamline the user experience when accessing their courses and online events.

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The Solution

The first step in our development process was to tackle 123 People Development’s logo and branding. While using a stock image of a fish in their materials, they had yet to develop a clear brand identity. So we worked together to create a new logo and colour scheme, opting for bold solid colours to convey their strengths.

Next, we focused on restructuring the website’s content to improve its flow. Having accumulated content over several years, it was easy for their messaging to get jumbled. So, we took a logical approach and organised the content around courses offered, dates for booking, general company information, and resources.

With the new branding and logical content structure, we used bold imagery, contemporary fonts, and clear headings to reinforce and elevate the brand’s message.

Finally, to maximise sales and improve user experience, we implemented WooCommerce for bookings and payments. This new functionality allowed customers to book directly from the website, making the process smoother and more efficient.

Growing Community with Social Media Management

Working with Sam to craft a new social media strategy for her Facebook and LinkedIn profiles was a joy for our team. Sam was already doing an admirable job being active on her personal LinkedIn profile and regularly posting on her Facebook page. However, she wanted our expertise to develop content plans and help manage her accounts to keep them active.


Our team’s objectives were clear: to create a consistent, cohesive, and structured social media presence that celebrated the breadth of knowledge and expertise at 123 People Development. We worked tirelessly to create a strategy and content plan emphasising prospect building, positioning Sam’s brand, and generating meaningful conversation.

Our approach focused on creative ideas that balanced quality content, active conversation participation, and meaningful engagement–bringing the heart of personal interaction back into Sam’s digital presence. Our strategies have helped Sam demonstrate her thought leadership, connect meaningfully with her audience, and keep her brand at the forefront of people’s minds.

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