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An industry leader in the supply and service of horticultural and arboricultural equipment and machinery, FR Jones and Son are mowing down the competition in their industry with their online offering combined with Factory’s PPC management.

FR Jones and Son approached us after running their own Google Shopping campaign themselves but sought a higher return.

They wanted to expand into Google Search and Display to increase their potential. As a business, they knew they had a strong offering and wanted to increase their reach and sales through multiple PPC campaigns. This was teamed with a realistic budget.

We have achieved over 15,000 new conversions to the website in the past six months. 

Key Campaign Goals

The key goal: Run PPC campaigns across Search, Display and Shopping to boost overall sales and awareness of FR Jones and Son. We began by looking at what was important to FR Jones and Son and how their existing and new customers would engage with their website.

One of the first steps we took was to research their key audience types, so we could create custom in market and affinity audiences.

We then focussed our targeting on the terms we knew were highly likely to result in a sale. This was achieved by aiming for searches that would come lower down the sale/purchase funnel.

To get started on Google Search, we built everything with an extremely tight structure. This helped to attain a very high quality Score. The catalogue had a large number of products and product variants.

Our next task was to ensure relevance between the search terms, keywords, ad copies and landing pages. As with all of our AdWords campaigns, once we had the engine running, we didn’t stop there.

Fine Tuning The Account

Through regular fine-tuning and refuelling, we continually work on the account to ensure everything is relevant. We make sure the campaigns are key to FR Jones and Son’s business goals.

As we notice changes in consumer behaviour and seasonality, we ensure the strategy is regularly adapted to consistently increase overall performance. We consistently see an increase in traffic volume and, more importantly, sales and overall sale value.

By analysing the data within their account, we are able to manage the existing budget, whilst still increasing sales further. By having a strong grip on the customer journey, we continue to create new audience lists and establish the groupings that will provide a significant chance of increasing sales.

3 months on from welcoming FR Jones and Son as a client, the ROI across the account reached 122x. The performance has continued to increase significantly and has risen to hit 169x.

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