Crafting Startup Success for a Lancashire Auction House

Crafting Startup Success for a Lancashire Auction House

Client: DMR Auctioneers

The Brief

DMR Auctioneers are a young auction house in the heart of Lancashire. Specialising in the sale of goods in particular from high end stores, such as LaRedoute, John Lewis & Partners and other leading brands, their focus is on great customer service with honest appraisals & great deals.

We love startups who take their digital marketing seriously and in a few months, we have achieved great results for DMR.

From inception to implementation of a digital marketing strategy, DMR Auctioneers have worked with us as a team, sharing ideas, and knowledge which has informed our own marketing plans.

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When DMR Auctioneers launched in 2019, it was with a handful of suppliers, a brand new domain and website, no mailing list and no social media fans.

Whilst the business team at DMR worked on bringing some of the best household names to their warehouse, we worked on a website and a visibility strategy that included a brand new website, and marketing campaign through Google Ads.

Working together with leading auction software group ‘GAP’ (Auction Technology Group, ATG Media), who is behind some of the biggest auction house sites online, including i-bidder, bid-spotter and the saleroom. We developed a WordPress website that GAP then mirrored for a whitelabel effect.

This overall auction marketing strategy allows us to drive and measure traffic to the DMR Auctioneers website whilst allowing users a seamless bidding experience. The bidding is live and in real time and synchronises with the i-bidder website, allowing DMR Auctioneers to benefit from both the footfall of i-bidder and their own paid and organic traffic simultaneously.

The website has been designed to look bright, clean, easy to navigate and reflect the type of retail goods they sell.

Google Ads

Actually, It's a bit more than Google Ads

Site Visitors

Generating over 4k new site visits per month combined with strategically placed sign up forms on the site, the website has a goal conversion rate of 11.5%, with over 50% of goal completions spending more than five minutes on the website, and around 10% of visitors going on to fill in enquiry forms.

Similar Audiences

One of the biggest goals of any auction house is to bring on new customers whilst retaining existing ones, so our ad strategy looks at bringing in similar audiences to existing bidders, whom we know will already be in the market for bidding at auction.

High Click Through Rates

On the Google Ads side, our combined experience of working with auction houses and our expertise in Google campaigns means we are delivering ads with click-through rates of between 25% to 40% and conversion rates of around 8%. With an industry average of 2% CTR, and and a similar figure for conversion rates, this is another measure of the high-quality ad accounts we craft on behalf of our clients.

WordPress Web Design

We specialise in the WordPress CMS creating bespoke handcrafted WordPress Websites. We ensure your website isn’t just great to look at, but fast, and SEO friendly. We use a combination of technical and on page SEO to ensure your website is not only visible, but gives the best possible quality score for your Google Ad Account

Google Ads By Google Experts

We run and manage Google Ads PPC campaigns that help businesses grow. 

If you would like to know more about how google ads can help your business grow and profit, and achieve much higher CTR and Conversion rates than your competitors, then it’s probably a good idea to work with us. give us a call today on 0161 826 1222 to see what we can do for you

We are an award winning ppc agency in Manchester. We are also builders of high-quality websites and web applications. If you are looking for a website that works, and a friendly, down to earth team, then speak to us. Like many of our happy clients you’ll be glad you did.

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