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Driving Leads to A Vehicle Leasing Company

Like many independent car leasing SME’s, Anthony K utilise a system that sources the best vehicles on offer, and then help to steer their customers through the process. 

Vehicle leasing has become a huge industry and for the average customer, the choice of deals is overwhelming. As Anthony K evolved into the digital era, their front facing website was search facility leading to an extensive array of choices. 

This is where our expertise was needed. Our client felt that whilst comprehensive, the choices available on the home page of the website were overwhelming. Utilising a third party platform to serve their deals, they had little to no control over the way the site was structured or displayed. 

They asked us if they could simplify things for the customers by building a brochure website that allowed them to filter out some of the noise and present a front that reflected their branding and their values of a small team, a family business and a personal service. 

Changing the Logo

Our first task was to refresh the logo. Whilst the overall design hasn’t changed, with the distinctive triangle featuring a combination of the a and k, the existing logo was heavily stylised with drop shadows and bevels, making it look dated. It was also bright red and the team were feeling the need for change. 

We flattened the design, placed it with a contemporary font & made it much bolder. The colour scheme changed to a dark blue bordering on indigo. This created the appearance of strength, stability and trust. 

New Brochure Website

Moving on to the website, we created a brochure website using the WordPress CMS and a bespoke theme designed from the ground up for the client, utilising modern best practices.

The primary sections of search were filtered into the most popular categories and presented in a much simpler way from the home page. On landing you are presented with two options. Personal leasing or business leasing. This allows you to then further break your choice down into vehicle category. The result is you land on the car database with a more filtered result. 

The site also allows for Anthony K to display important information and a blog in their own style.  No site is set and forget and Anthony K have continued to work with us to drive leads to their website with a highly targeted google campaign.

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