The Brief

Easi-Dec is part of the Kee Safety Group. Easi-Dec is a leading global supplier of fall protection equipment such as roof edges, walkways, lifelines and portable man anchor systems, Kee Klamp tubular fittings and BeamClamp steelwork fixings.

Easi Dec works closely with their sister company Oxford Safety Components, sharing an office and a team.

Since we had previously worked on the Oxford Safety website, developing a smart, editable website in WordPress coder friendly and fast page layout system ‘Oxygen’, the team asked for the same system for the Easi Dec Website. This was implemented as part of their overall marketing strategy, including Google Ads, SEO & Content Writing.

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The Challenge

The existing Easi-Dec website was also WordPress and showcased an appealing and easy to use design. However, the team wanted a few additional features and the ease of editing the same way as the Oxford Safety website.

The previous site was a bespoke WordPress build, which means it is hand-coded & can sometimes need code updates to ensure it all works properly. This can sometimes present issues, as it means you need a developer to make minor edits; even things as small as adding a button to a section could be a ticketed backlog issue that might take weeks to implement.

Some other challenges included the team’s knowledge of page layout and structure, meaning when new pages were added, a lot was left to chance. Some of the pages were untidy, with varying image sizes and shapes. Not all text was accessible.

Easi Dec Website Mockup

What We Did

Our solution was to take the essence of the existing design and keep the URL structure to avoid traffic changes.

You don’t always need to reinvent the wheel – so we took the existing site and implemented the design in a more ‘user-friendly’ way, tidying up any loose ends. We redesigned some page elements to keep consistency with the site’s theme.

We also improved the search functionality, allowing Easi-Dec solutions to be searched for by other names they may be colloquially known as. We created a tagging system that allows the search to target the tags. All the Easi-Dec team had to do was decide on the labels for their solutions for ease of search.

A bit about us

How We Help

Made By Factory is your go-to digital marketing partner, specializing in creating tailored strategies that drive results. Our team of experts is passionate about helping construction businesses grow and thrive online.

Since launch, we have run a targeted Google Ads campaign for lead generation, which has led to a steady flow of monthly enquiries for the Easi Dec brand.

Our SEO strategy involves monthly keyword research, targeting low hanging fruit keywords, and improving search traffic for relevant industry keywords. this is achieved through a mix of on-page optimisation and writing fresh monthly keyword optimised content.