Elevating Planet Platforms Digital Presence

For: Planet Platforms

The Brief

Planet Platforms is a recent acquisition of one of our long-standing partners, the Kee Safety Group. For over 40 years, Planet Platforms has been designing, building, maintaining and inspecting aircraft docking systems for a wide range of aircraft types.

Primarily working with Aluminium and more recently introducing Fibreglass as the technology has advanced, Planet Platforms are at the forefront of the UK Access Manufacturing centre. They create bespoke platforms for work on aircraft, vehicles and trains while constantly evolving to keep in line with ever-changing government regulations.

Given that Planet Platforms is a new member of the Kee Systems family, and we had built a few of their sites by now, we knew exactly what they needed.

Planey Playtforms INterior

The Challenge

Planet Platforms’ existing site was unique

because it had only been recently redesigned. The management team came to us and talked us through their ideas for how they wanted the site to look and function and which parts of the existing site they were not big fans of. They pointed out that some of their pages took several clicks, which is a big no for website performance and general functionality.

The team told us they wanted the menu system to work like our previous sites, as it was a big hit with Oxford Safety, Kee Systems & Access Safety Products.

Planet Platforms wanted to keep their existing colour scheme & logos but with more emphasis on their newly taken high-quality images and CAD drawings. They also wanted to feature their ability to provide unique & bespoke solutions to any problem they are presented with.

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What We Did

Firstly, we made sure that the URL structure made sense and that every single page could be accessed within two clicks and, in most cases, just one on the desktop.The mega-menu, as we like to call it, contains explicit references to their imagery, client testimonials, and quick access to all of their platforms & solutions.

We also improved their contact form system by adding a ReCAPTCHA element to the site to help automatically detect potential SPAM emails.

As mentioned earlier, this is a Kee acquisition, so the site had to feel like it belonged to the group. We looked at the designs from the previous sites and made sure it was both consistent yet unique enough to look consistent with Kee but a truly unique brand in its own right.

Planet Platforms Mockup
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