Flyer graphic design for tour manager Simon Green

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Client: Simon Green
 Graphic Design

A simple but effective (and cool) flyer design.

simon green

It’s not often you get to rub shoulders with mega stars. Like the time Danny met Dynamo in an elevator at Google. Actually, today wasn’t one of those days. But our client Simon, tour manager for the Wutang Clan & Duke Dumont really needed some help with a workshop he was running.

The brief was aimed at disadvantaged youth in the inner London area who wanted a career in music. We had to create something they could take away, and remember the key points of Simon’s presentation. Something he likes to call his ‘Triangle of Success’. Price, Professionalism, Deadlines. Actually this is true everywhere and its pretty much like the graphic designers venn diagram of cheap easy and quick.

Professionalism, Price, Deadline

Simon Green: Tour Manager

What We Did

We wanted to create something that our audience weren’t just going to bin as soon as they left the venue. So we chose to use cardstock and a cut out to create a folding card.  The card had a curved cut out front edge. The ‘triangle of success’ element forms a pre cut out business card shaped card. This meant that our user could pop in their wallet, reminding them about the key points of the seminar.

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