Homeless Action Information Network

For: Borough of Manchester Homeless Action Information Network (BRHAIN)
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A Homeless Services Directory

The Borough of Manchester Homeless Action Information Network (BRHAIN) aim to bring together all the borough wide services to help anyone in a situation facing homelessness for any reason.

BRHAIN Had a very outdated web presence that did not work on mobile. So, were approached by Hilary Pogson, working forManchester Council, to see if we could help. This also formed part of our social responsibility.

What We Did

We created this simple website as a starting point. Something that could be built upon and then expanded as the client got more information from various partners and services.

We used the WordPress CMS to build the directory because it is the perfect platform for simple indexing and categorisation. As of this moment, the website is still an early version of what could be a comprehensive final solution. However, the organisation is run as a CIC and has limited resource and time to work on the project. Made By Factory were happy to get them up and running.

WordPress is the perfect platform for indexing and categorisation

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