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Just BU is a Community Interest project based in Greater Manchester. Founder Justin Fellowes has a mission. To specialise in the care and personal development of adults with learning and physical disabilities. Just BU as the name suggests encourages people to just get out there and be themselves. Just BU asked us to create them a brand new website

Challenges with the Just BU Website

Just BU provides many enjoyable activities for adults with physical and learning disabilities. One of which is computer and web-based training. So the website needed to be highly accessible and simple to navigate, to ensure it was usable by any of their user-base.

How we rose to the challenge

The most striking visual feature of this website is its super simple navigation. One tap on the menu and it uncollapses, revealing ultra large and simplified tap targets. This works especially well on mobile and tablet devices.

Each page on the website has a clear ‘visual’ at the top stating which page you are on.


Another cool feature with this site is the ability to create simple user accounts. So, Justin wanted to allow multiple authors as part of his activity-led training. We allowed web users to create an easy profile and Bio that resembles creating a social media account, by asking the user questions.

Get out there and Just Be You!

Brand and Graphic Design

The overall brand is a bold choice of red. Whilst this is used as a primary colour, we used a variety of colours for the various activities available by the organisation. For example, the kitchen is yellow and horticulture is green.

The overall theme contains stick men and bold lettering. This iconography carries through the site and also any literature. It gives a fun look to the brand too!

Finally, we created these Downloadable PDF Flyers you see below to advertise the many activities you can be involved in!

What Our Client Said

“Factory helped us to have the website that met our needs and now they are taking us to a new level to meet our new business needs. Thanks Danny, Andonette and Team! – Justin Fellows. Just B.U. CIC.

Justin Fellows, Just BU

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