8 Magnificently Marvellous Whimsical Illustrations

Magnificent Tea Brand & Packaging

Client: Magnificent Tea
 Graphic Design

Everyone knows that Brits love a good cuppa.

On average we consume 450 cups a year per person. Yet no one seems to do it quite like Yorkshire who consume more tea per capita than anyone else in the United Kingdom. They also happen to import a lot of the stuff too.

One such Yorkshireman is Dylan Leighton, founder of Magnificent Tea.

Now for some, it may be worth explaining that tea doesn’t grow on God’s green county but it’s imported mostly from the east. The Far East. And no we don’t mean Hull.

Dylan felt that there definitely wasn’t enough quality loose leaf product available in the Uk and felt he should start his own brand. And by Eck, here’s what we came up with.

What We Did

Firstly, working with the strap-line “The art of tea” we created the wonky and curious looking typographic style. Designed to stand out on packaging and be eye catching, we aimed to translate this across different formats with similar typographic treatment for the various blends of tea.

For the packaging and label designs Andi Wilkinson put her whimsical illustrative style to good work and created the many leaves, berries, flowers and barks in the individual designs. The result was this curious and magnificent looking design.

The colours for each tea blend were based on the stand out colours of the ingredients. Interestingly the ingredients colours seemed to contrast or harmonise perfectly, just as the ingredients did.

We understand the importance of uniqueness when it comes to your brand. Everything we create is custom designed. We can also create unique illustrations for your project on request. If you want to look at some of our more whimsical projects, why not check out these projects? Design for A Yurt, The Trip Festival, Branding WordCamp Manchester, Branding WordCamp London. More of Andi Wilkinson’s style can also be seen in her personal portfolio.

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