A bespoke eccommerce website for the nations best loved children’s snack and a brand awareness campaign.

We met the founder of Naturelly on a trade mission to Dublin, Ireland with Enterprise Nation. We got along famously with our fellow Mancunian. Since then, we have also been fans of this brilliant multi award-winning snack. We were thrilled to be tasked with creating a website to reflect the brand.

The client wanted a visually engaging, responsive website with simple e-commerce functionality. So, this fun website effectively communicates the brand, a grassroots, family-run organic food and drink company.

What we created for Naturelly.

We created a handcrafted bespoke website, proudly powered by WordPress. The website makes use of a gorgeous creative design that complements the brand pack shots. We also created slight CSS animations on the buttons and elements, to create the fun wobble effect.

We increased Naturelly’s organic search by 400%, with a display campaign and a snazzy new website. YAY!


WordPress out of the box does come with some limitations. Page layout is highly simplistic, so we hand-coded the layouts to produce the creative pages on the site. To allow the client maximum editability, we created custom fields for each individual section of the website. This then allowed our client the power to control all of their content.

So, this just goes to show the power of WordPress when you mix it with bespoke coded elements.

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