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The Client

The Client

Safesite, a West-Sussex-based industry, is another company under the Kee Safety Group umbrella. Since 1991 they have provided specialist fall protection and safe access solutions to the UK. Safesite was one of the original manufacturers of the free-standing guardrail, now known as the Kee Guard, but has since diversified into a full range of fall protection equipment.

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The Brief

In truth, their old site wasn’t that old and functioned quite well, however, the key stakeholders in the business weren’t entirely happy with it, so the Kee Safety Group approached us. The Safesite brand wasn’t going to change, so we were able to use the same fonts, logos and colours and give the site the makeover it deserved.

The Challenge

At the time, Safesite was one of the best-performing websites in terms of traffic, and it was imperative to keep it that way. We also had to figure out a better way to display all of the products and solutions to users so they could more easily access any area of the website within a couple of clicks.

The Solution

Keeping the site performing at a high level was the top priority, and one of the best ways to do that is to maintain the permalink structure, where any permalink changes are made, including redirects from old URLs to the new ones, and this is what we did. We organised the site in the back end into different custom post types where appropriate, created templates for them to create some consistency across the site and redirected any unmatching URLs.


In order to have all products and services easily accessible within a couple of clicks, we decided to create a mega menu system. The old website displayed items in terms of the product names, and while there is nothing wrong with that per se, the Kee Group as a whole wanted a menu convention that was solution-focused – i.e. instead of ‘Kee Dome’, we would have the menu item as ‘Skylight Protection System’ to better reflect what the product actually does, so a customer can find what they want more easily.

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