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A Micro site and ongoing brand engagement campaign for Morph UK. The transformable shapeshifting fluff!

Micro Site & Brand Engagement

In our latest creative brief, we were given some squishy fluff to play with. That doesn’t happen every day. Its no other than the new clay that is causing a storm. Morph!

Morph, the shapeshifting transformable fluff, currently popular in Canada, is a magical compound for kids that never dries out! Amongst it’s other wonders, it floats, you can ink stamp it and more! The more you play with it the more bendy and mouldable it becomes!

We’ve reached over 500k people over the last quarter with social media campaigns

Chubby Fingers

We designed the micro site with larger menu tap targets and also larger buttons. This was for our younger users who may just want to sneak a peek at the morph video. (So they could pester their mums and dads to buy them some magical fluff!)

Other nifty elements include this fluffy mobile responsive video frame. Sometimes you have to just do things for fun!

Appealing to our demographic

Morph is clearly aimed at kids. Our challenge was to also get it in front of the parents. The data we collected from our initial run showed over 94% of users view this site on a mobile device, over 70% were women and over 85% were between the age of 25-35. With this in mind we have created a mobile-first micro site for the morph brand that is fun to look at and reflects the qualities of the product in its navigation.

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