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The Brief

Oxford Safety is a 30-year-old family-run company that designs, sells, hires and installs innovative fall prevention safety systems, servicing the Construction, Automotive, Facilities, Utilities, Solar and Pest Control industries.

As part of the Kee safety group – a globally renowned brand and leader in the manufacture and distribution of safety equipment – Oxford Safety Components offer expertise in fall prevention solutions. We were asked to create a new website & digital marketing strategy and maintain brand continuity while staying competitive in an ever-shifting market.

We were also asked to support the reinvigoration of their social media channels and provide a strategy aligned with their existing business, website and PPC objectives.

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The Challenge

Before moving forward with any new project, we always evaluate whether transferring existing website structures and content is best or starting from scratch. In the case of Oxford Safety, numerous factors led us to decide a fresh start would be necessary.


The website was built on a custom-crafted CMS – systems of this kind are often neglected, which can soon become problematic.

The website lacked a logical URL structure, with many pages duplicated across different URLs. This posed an issue for on-page SEO.

The website structure focused on products rather than solutions, making it difficult to find a solution without specific knowledge of the brand name.

Oxford Safety Components web mock up


WordPress was the ideal solution for this website. The Oxford Safety team wanted the freedom to add regular news, case studies and content. The website was redesigned from the ground up, beginning with its structured navigation focusing on solutions and industries rather than brand-name products.

After carefully analysing which pages generated the most traffic, and due to content duplication issues, we decided to recreate the structure and focus on solutions.

Oxford Safety ComponentsOxford Safety Components

Social Media Solutions

Firstly, we worked closely with the client to create an engaging, varied, and strategic content schedule, which included a variety of posts designed to take their audience on a journey.

The content plan aimed to create consistency, test frequency, find the right ratio of product-focused promotion and build a brand and personality to better engage audiences.

The first 6 months focused on increasing reach organically, testing content themes and frequency and building a strong content creation culture within the company. We also began to interact and share reciprocal communications with existing partners.

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