A Fresh Breath to Portaramp Website With Oxygen

For: Portaramp

The Client

Portaramp, part of the Kee Safety Group, is a Norfolk-based industry specialising in access ramps to buildings, public transport, and home vehicles. They are a market leader in access ramp solutions throughout Europe and, over the last few years, Portaramp has diversified into providing safe access to hospitals, schools, local authorities, and more!

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The Brief

The old site was created in a way that made it difficult to manage, it wasn’t laid out in the most efficient way and looked a little dated. We were tasked with upgrading and modernising the site from a design, content & functionality point of view.

The Challenge

We had to start completely from scratch since we were giving the site a complete overhaul. Since part of the brief involved writing new content, we could only migrate over the skeleton of the site, as it were. Even some of the images were not ideal in either file size or aspect ratio so we had a big task on our hands to turn this site into something we and Portaramp could be proud of.

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The Solution

We decided to keep our formula of WordPress & Oxygen Builder to create a speedy site efficiently. We created reusable blocks and templates for certain page types – all solution pages will follow the same basic structure, for example. We also created a search bar that opens as a modal (a web element that appears in front of all content and deactivates and in some way hides the background content) and that enables a user to more quickly find whatever they are looking for by returning case studies, news articles, solutions and everything else on the site.

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