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The Client

Simple Storage is a company that offers office space and storage facility services in Rochdale. With a decade of experience and a stunning mill office space on the M62 corridor, they also provide secret on-site storage as an added benefit. We aimed to enhance their organic search visibility and ranking for popular searches such as “storage in Rochdale” or “offices to let in Rochdale” to achieve SEO success.

The Brief

Despite being a popular self-storage solution in Greater Manchester, the Simple Storage website was constructed with a lack of SEO considerations. Although visually appealing and designed with user experience in mind, the website struggled to perform organically and required our expert SEO support.

Simple Storage wanted to book out of their self-storage units and meeting rooms and position themselves high amongst competitors for Self-storage in Rochdale.


We recognised early on that their web pages and blog content required a water-tight SEO strategy and optimised content with the right keyword focus.

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We started by going through the website with a fine-tooth comb to ensure that all links were working correctly, the sitemap was error-free, and none of the page titles was missing. We identified that some of these issues hindered Google from accurately indexing the content.

As a 10-year-old domain, the Simple Storage website had many short, time-sensitive and often duplicating posts which were not performing an SEO purpose. We needed to diligently work through existing content to maintain the website’s integrity whilst keeping SEO in mind.

The Solution

After reviewing the Simple Storage website, we outlined a two-pronged approach to enhance their SEO: Google Ranking and quality content copywriting.

To overcome these obstacles, we wrote meaningful titles and Metadata for all the posts and pages on the website. The positive impact of this step was almost immediate, leading to a significant improvement in the website’s visibility.


We have made sure to remove any outdated or irrelevant content while avoiding using recycled content and keyword duplication. Each page now focuses on a unique keyword or phrase, while similar content has been combined and updated to create more engaging and relevant posts. Doing this improved the average post length from 150 to 700-1000 words, with some posts even becoming cornerstone pieces.

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Conversion Driving Optimisation:

Our website SEO and content writing services helped increase the traffic and visibility of our client’s website and led to tangible business results.

Our client feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with Simple Storage reporting times when their elf-storage and meeting rooms are booked to total capacity.

The successful results speak for themselves, and we are proud to have contributed to the growth and success of our clients’ businesses with effective SEO and content-writing strategies.

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