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We loved creating this bold colourful website to showcase The Style Counsellor’s services and portfolio.

Who is the Style Counsellor? No it’s not a cover band! Award-winning image consultant, personal stylist and personal shopper, Jacqui Cooper,  is no stranger to style. When her consultancy “The Style Counsellor” underwent a bold and colourful rebrand, Jacqui needed a web presence to match.

We loved designing this bold colourful website to showcase Jacqui’s services and portfolio, and it reflects her branding beautifully.

Our Challenges with The Style Counsellor Site

Our biggest challenge was the varying demographic. Jacqui works primarily with everyday women. By this we mean people have lost their way when it comes to aligning mind body and spirit. But Jacqui’s services also include the corporate world and… men! How did we make a website aimed at women’s style and also make it appeal to a male audience?

We don’t want to get into the whole gender debate, its 2017. However we do know a thing or two about colour theory. So, we decided colour was the way to implement the look and feel of specific landing pages.

Another challenge with this build was the project complexity. Jacqui has a preference for WordPress. As the existing content management system and a lot of work went into previous content. Jacqui was also fluent with the CMS. At Factory, one thing we pride ourselves on is good code and well structured web builds. Because of this we wanted to make sure the site was well engineered and logical at the back end.

Challenges with content.

Since the existing consisted primarily of  individual web pages. So, we engineered a much more dynamic approach. We created custom post types for services, success stories, press and testimonials. For events we connected with the eventbrite API and pulled in events directly from the clients eventbrite account.


Our concern was ensuring we could lead capture. Also that the customer’s path to conversion would be as simple as possible. With a diverse range of services, this was also a challenge. We created each service in a landing page style, to help with event tracking.

We created the website with clear calls to action on every page encouraging users to take action. The ‘free style guide’ which includes an email sign up form sits clearly in the website header.

What Our Client Said

I have no hesitation in recommending Factory for your website design. The team is small, approachable, accountable, dynamic but above all they fully understood that I didn’t talk their language. I’m not really a techy person and made that very clear to them from the outset. They demonstrated patience and understanding along the way.

I’ve been delighted with their work and ultimately the bright, stylish website I was promised they certainly delivered ❤️

Jacqui Cooper, The Style Counsellor

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