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Improving Conversion Rate for a High Street Store

The Watch Superstore are an online and high street watch shop in Manchester, selling high quality and household brand names.

We worked with TWS over the course of several months and looked at how their ad campaigns could be converting better. Previously self managed, the size and complexity of the Google campaigns had gotten out of hand and started to lose money.

Our Initial optimisation reduced wasted spend by over £50k annually

The client was using many forms of digital and affiliate marketing. It wasn’t immediately apparent to them that one of their avenues was actually costing them. This was also cutting into profits of other campaigns. Alarmingly the Google campaigns were far from optimal and were sometimes costing twice as much as daily turnover.

We worked with TWS on their ad campaigns to turn them around. We plugged all the holes immediately and stopped the campaigns losing money from the get go. Within a few short weeks the campaigns started to be profitable.

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