Super Duper Heroic Web Presence for Think 4

Think 4 approached us with a very dated web presence and half a project that was not going too well. We performed a web rescue and created this fun and functional website.

Our client needed a smart, adaptable website that reflected their brand and personality. It also needed an obvious connection to their status as a Microsoft Partner.

Choosing the right CMS for Think 4

The Client had a lot of content and an existing WordPress Blog, so it made a great deal of sense to use the WordPress CMS and develop a bespoke theme. So, that’s exactly what we did. The result is clean, easy to read and easy t

Web Design

We created all pages with a clean and simple layout. The design reflects the look and feel of Microsoft Partners and also Microsoft related products.

Made By Factory are an award winning digital agency. We are also builders of high quality web sites and web applications, marketeers of business, designers and creators of beautiful brands.

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Factory is an award-winning digital marketing agency. We are builders of high-quality websites and web applications, marketers of business, designers and creators of beautiful brands.

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