Giving TLH Auctioneers a retail style brand identity.

We were tasked with creating a new brand identity for Manchester Auction House, TLH Auctioneers. The brief asked for a design that made the Auctioneers appeal to everyday retail buyers. Additionally they wanted to look more corporate to their usual trade clients.

Creating the TLH Logo

“As I was driving home from North Wales on a Sunday evening I had this whole mapped out. I just needed to get it on screen. I went to sleep with it fixed firmly in my head. On Monday afternoon and evening was spent getting the first idea down.

I couldn’t get punchy Helvetica out of my mind, even though some now feel it’s highly ubiquitous and even cliché, it happens to just work here and since so many famous brands use it, it has that familiar shape that we have come to love and trust. I saw orange, black, white, helvetica and a gavel. Here is what it translated to. I saw it being white on orange signage and being on t shirts, mugs, pens, the back wall of the office and so on, I had a vision. I spent a good four hours playing about with this”

– Andi Wilkinson, Creative Director.

We have given the TLH Brand over 60 million impressions since developing the new identity.


We set to work designing a logo that would do that. Although we know Helvetica is highly ubiquitous, it still works beautifully. A typeface that considers its use of negative space just as much as the glyphs it contains, means the logotype works well alone due to its bold geometric appearance. You can find an extensive post about creating this logo here

The gavel element works as a standalone graphic and has become locally recognisable as the TLH Auctioneers brand.

What Our Client Said

Our work with Made By Factory aimed to completely overhaul the entire corporate website, evolve the TLH brand and the way we market our business to both new and existing customers.

The team at Factory spent time to get to know us as a business. We were happy to have our hands held and guided through all these exciting changes.

The outcome of this relationship with the Factory team has resulted in successful high growth for our company. I am looking forward to continue to work with them in the future

David Shumacker, Sales Director, TLH Auctioneers

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