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A fully integrated bespoke CMS for TLH Auctioneers to work with iBidder

TLH Auctioneers are a large Auction house based in Manchester. We were tasked to create a website capable of handling their traffic and integrating with their current bidding system on iBidder.  This was solved by building a new bespoke CMS.

Firstly, we integrated with the iBidder platform by creating a bespoke CMS and tapping into the iBidder API. This ensured loyal customers of TLH auctioneers could place their bids directly on the website. It also prevented clients from moving over to a third party platform, where they could potentially move to their competitors.

Factory increased Revenue by 25% & online brand search by 1200%

Integration with iBidder

Next, we engineered the CMS to interface directly with the iBidder platform, pulling in real time auction data. This allows our user to import auctions, and also create personalised banner advertisements to fit in with their own branding. The site also allows the user to upload auction catalogues, share news articles and manage many internal features. The site is also built with mobile in mind, as most bidders are now looking to keep track of their lots on the go.

What Our Client Said

Our work with Made By Factory aimed to completely overhaul the entire corporate website, evolve the TLH brand and the way we market our business to both new and existing customers.

The team at Factory spent time to get to know us as a business. We were happy to have our hands held and guided through all these exciting changes.

The outcome of this relationship with the Factory team has resulted in successful high growth for our company. I am looking forward to continue to work with them in the future

David Shumacker, Sales Director, TLH Auctioneers

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