Tracy Otsuka is a certified life coach who specialises in coaching women with ADHD. With her highly successful podcast “ADHD for Smart Ass Women,” Tracy has gained a massive following with over 3 million downloads and nearly 200 episodes. The podcast aims to empower women diagnosed with ADHD and help them unlock their unique potential. As a company with a team consisting of several neuro-atypical members, we have a deep appreciation for Tracy’s work and are thrilled to be associated with someone who resonates with us so strongly.

The Brief

Tracy and her team had a clear vision for their website – they wanted a modern, updated design that could be easily maintained in-house. They wanted a site that was professional, easy to navigate and engaged visitors and that would reflect the high-quality service their company provided.

At Made by Factory, we understand the importance of matching our client’s needs with the right platform, so we recommended using WordPress Oxygen, a popular visual editor that makes it simple for even non-technical users to make changes to their site without affecting the underlying code.

Working together with Tracy and her team, we were able to design and develop a fresh, new-looking website that met all their requirements and helped their business thrive.

The Challenge

Tracy’s old website was hosted on Kajabi, a platform designed to help entrepreneurs create and sell online courses.

While some of the content had to stay in Kajabi, we worked with Tracy to move the rest of her site over to WordPress and give it a complete redesign. Our goal was to ensure the new site held a professional appearance and carried out its purpose – show off Tracy’s impressive career as a life coach, her successful podcast, and the amazing reviews she’s received from customers and top professionals in the industry.

After doing our research, we crafted an innovative design that would accurately represent Tracy, highlight her journey from entrepreneur to life coach, and emphasize what she is known for – helping people unlock their potential! With this new look, Tracy’s website was revitalized in terms of both style and function.

The Solution

With Tracy Otsuka’s new website, we wanted to empower her brand and highlight the larger community she has cultivated. The site was split into two sections – the main site showcasing Tracy’s journey, blog posts with her free advice, and her world-renowned podcast; and a set of personalized landing pages for specific promotions that were created by leveraging the style of their original Kajabi counterparts.

Our goal was to create a website that accurately represented Tracy, her impressive career as a life coach, and all of the wonderful reviews she has earned from customers and top professionals in the industry. We crafted an innovative design that showcased Tracy’s story, talents, and passion to draw attention to what makes her so special.

With this complete refresh, we updated both the look and feel of the website while still highlighting its main purpose – connecting people with Tracy!

Neurodiverse Digital Agency:

As a neurodiverse team, our digital marketing agency has a unique approach to problem-solving. We encourage our team members to play to their strengths and leverage their individual skills to achieve the best results. We also strive to create an environment that is inclusive and supportive, valuing collaboration, communication and the sharing of ideas.

At our agency, we have embraced neurodiversity as a core value and aim to create an environment that supports and celebrates these differences.

We strongly believe that our differences make us stronger. Because of our unique perspectives and ways of thinking, we can approach challenges in new and innovative ways.

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Made By Factory is your go-to digital marketing partner, specializing in creating tailored strategies that drive results. Our team of experts is passionate about helping construction businesses grow and thrive online.

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