ADHD & Creativity Combine In This Web Refresh For Top Podcaster

A Smart A** Website For Tracy Otsuka

Client: Tracy Otsuka

The Brief

Tracy Otsuka is an accredited & certified life coach, specialising in women with ADHD. She has a very successful podcast: ADHD for Smart Ass Women, where she has racked up almost 200 episodes and over 3 million downloads. Each episode aims to help women unlock their potential and harness the unique gifts the ADHD brain has bestowed upon them.

As a company containing several neuro-atypical members of staff, we relished the opportunity to put our mark on the work of someone who we resonate with.

Tracy and her team wanted a new-looking site that they could edit and add to themselves, so naturally, we began work on a fresh WordPress install using our favourite visual editor: Oxygen.

Tracy Otsuka Site on Multiple Screens

The Challenge

Tracy's old site was created and managed in Kajabi, which is marketed as a platform for entrepreneurs and a place to develop and sell online courses.

Some of the sites had to stay there, as Kajabi contains the courses Tracy sells, but the rest of her site would move over to WordPress and be redesigned to be more in line with the brand of a successful life coach.

We had to ensure the site looked clean, was easy to navigate, and grabbed your attention correctly. We had to emphasise her podcast, Tracy's unique journey in becoming a life coach, and the stellar reviews she has received from thankful customers and even some top professionals in the industry!

We did some research and came up with a design that marketed Tracy as a person and for what she was known for.

Tracy Otsuka Site on Multiple Screens

What We Did

The website is split up into two parts. First you see the main site when you look for Tracy Otsuka, and the second section contains many specifically created landing pages for specific promotions Tracy and her team want to run. The styles for the latter are unchanged from their Kababi counterparts, but the new site is a complete refresh.

Tracy Otsuka's new-looking site is much cleaner and more to the point than its predecessor, focusing on Tracy's journey, her free advice in blog posts and her globally successful podcast. 

We designed this site to sell Tracy as a person and advertise her strengths, accomplishments and unique personality.

One of our company co-directors, Andi, has benefited directly from Tracy's coaching, and this website was one of the ways for us to say thank you.

I love Andi and the Made By Factory team. They are highly creative, smart and always responsive. Whenever I have a question, I can be assured that someone will respond almost immediately. I recommend them completely and without reservation.
Tracy Otsuka - ADHD For Smart Ass Women

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