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The Brief

When filmmaker & comedian Hopwood DePree discovered his name was more than a tribute to a forgotten British heritage, he flew from Hollywood to find out more.

Hopwood discovered he was descended from the rather posh Manchester landowner family, the Hopwoods.

Along with the knowledge came a crumbling and derelict ancestral home, Hopwood Hall.

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The Hall

Owned by Rochdale Council and used for many years as part of Hopwood Hall Council, the college eventually took on more modern facilities and the hall fell into ruin, disrepair and vandalism. The hall is a grade 2, listed Manor House on a site inhabited by the Hopwood’s since the 12th century,

Hopwood took over the rights to the building in 2016 and has begun the overwhelming task of restoring the building to its former glory.

DePree signed a deal with Rochdale council allowing him three years to put a financial plan in place to restore the hall. Meanwhile what’s happening?

Hopwood documents his adventures on his YouTube Channel, where you can see everything from his arrival in rainy Manchester to many of the goings-on in the hall.

Example Web mock up For Hopwood Hall, Made By Factory Branding Agency In Salford Branding Agency in Manchester

Website Design

We created a bespoke WordPress website that Hopwood & Co could completely edit. Using a filtration system with different WordPress post categories, we have displayed different types of content on different pages, from media to video.

For our user, this means that adding content and assigning it to a specific page is as simple as ticking a box.

The website also has a facility to show dates for the upcoming comedy tour which will be taking place around the various UK fringe festivals, and based on the restoration project.

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