"Attract Top Talent: The Power of Recruitment Marketing
Trudi Holden
November 29, 2022

5 Tips for Innovative Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing is about attracting prospective job candidates and converting them into applicants. If that sounds familiar, that’s because this is a specialized branch of marketing that goes beyond simple talent acquisition.

Unlocking Success: Recruitment Marketing Strategies

Understanding the job candidate’s journey requires preparation, including: 

  • Candidate personas. As a recruiter, you need to build ideal candidate personas. This helps you find qualified talent to run your new office quickly. By deeply understanding who would fit the role, you optimize your search and interview times.     
  • Your value proposition. This means knowing and communicating the unique benefits or rewards you offer. Some examples are career progression opportunities and great perks, like floating PTO days.
  • Doing competitor analysis. Considering that, as CNBC reports, over 50% of employees would leave their current jobs for the right offer, it’s a good idea to see what your competitors are offering. The closer you get to that right offer, the more likely you’ll be the one poaching great candidates. 

Along with these and other steps, HR managers use specific hiring metrics to figure out if they’re making quality hires. 

Modern Recruiting 

HR accounts for over a quarter of an organization’s operating expenses. This means incorporating more data-driven and modern strategies for attracting the right candidates increases its business value. Modern recruitment marketing includes:

  • Using social media. Built In notes that about 82% of businesses attract candidates through social media, primarily because it gives the employer a great opportunity to make its branding more attractive. Additionally, the nature of social media makes it easier to connect with active and passive candidates. For example, your post on Jobs Central can be turned into an eye-catching post that you can boost to attract ideal candidates in a specific area. Whether you use Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube, you could hire a professional designer to create branded, platform-specific banners with animated videos or save money by using an online banner maker to do it yourself.
  • Integrating HR analytics. Companies realize that they have mountains of data they can use to attract great candidates. Talent intelligence shifts the role of HR from a more general outfit to a team that can address the critical need of managers looking to hire someone with those hard-to-find skills.  
  • Creating landing pages. Landing pages help you effectively deliver your value proposition. For example, if you’ve bought an additional office in Miami, Florida, you can create landing pages targeting potential local candidates, adding a controllable level of granularity when segmenting. 
  • Implementing a boomerang strategy. Rehiring previous employees who were good performers, also known as the boomerang strategy, would be a viable strategy for a couple of reasons: They’re familiar with the organization, and training costs would be lower. For companies focused on trimming operating costs, implementing this strategy is helpful.
&Quot;Attract Top Talent: The Power Of Recruitment Marketing

Prepare for New Hires

An overlooked part of successful hiring practices is to ensure that new hires are given the tools they need to succeed at the outset of their employment. Often that goes hand-in-hand with managing expectations. A useful way to keep everyone on the same page in those early days is to implement a process map, charting the course of the new employee’s journey into the organization.

Also, remember this: first impressions matter. A clean, tidy, and clutter-free workplace can convey that your business is professional and organized. It can also help new hires feel more comfortable and confident in their surroundings. On the other hand, a cluttered and disorganized workspace can be overwhelming and even anxious-producing.

Employees may feel they cannot find what they need or will be unable to keep up with the mess. Either way, it’s important to create a positive first impression by maintaining a clean and orderly workspace. Not only will it help new hires feel more at ease, but it will also show them that you value organization and professionalism.

Effective Strategies: Recruitment Marketing Essentials

Innovate to Find Talent

There are numerous avenues to boost your recruitment marketing efforts by addressing the immediacy of acquiring talent. The beauty of this is that you can repurpose your content and improve traffic to your company, increasing your reach and the talent pool of quality candidates you can choose from.

Remember to ensure your company is clean, comfortable, and friendly for new hires. With these tips in mind – and knowledge in hand – you’ll soon be onboarding the best talent out there specific to your business.

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