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We work with ambitious business and growing brands, working from inception of ideas to full digital marketing strategy.

We are a team of creative and brand experts, with long-standing creative backgrounds. Founded by a Graphic designer & Digital Illustrator, Andi Wilkinson and Ex-Googler, Ben Tennant, we have a perfect blend of creativity and marketing expertise, meaning we know how to build a brand identity and create ‘design that sells’.

Whether you sell a product or service, defining your brand is one of the most important things you will do in your business. We have a colourful, visual style, which is what most people notice first when looking at our work.

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Graphic Design Process

  1. Discovery

    We begin by understanding your unique vision, goals, and target audience. Through in-depth consultations, we gain insights into your brand identity, preferences, and design requirements.

  2. Concept

    Armed with the knowledge gathered, our talented team of designers brainstorm and develop creative concepts tailored specifically to your brand. We explore various design directions, ensuring that every pixel aligns with your brand message.

  3. Mockups

    Once the concepts are finalized, we bring them to life through meticulous design mockups. Our designers craft compelling visuals, combining aesthetics and functionality to create engaging and user-friendly designs.

  4. Collaboration

    We value your input throughout the design process. We present the mockups for your review and gather your feedback. Your insights and suggestions are crucial in refining the designs and ensuring they meet your expectations.

  5. Refinement

    Based on your feedback, we refine the designs, making necessary adjustments to enhance their impact and effectiveness. We focus on refining every detail, ensuring that the final product is visually stunning and aligned with your brand identity.

  6. Delivery

    The final step involves delivering the completed designs to you in various formats suitable for print and digital use. We provide ongoing support, addressing any queries or concerns you may have, even after the project is complete.

Our Work

Recent Graphic Design Projects

Graphic Design Services


  1. Brand Identity

    We have worked with all kinds of business from small business and startups to public sector and FTSE companies such as Provident Financial. We will create the perfect brand design for your target audience.

  2. Creative Design

    Ensure your website is visible on search engines, like Google. We specialise in on-page and technical SEO. We continually monitor & optimise your site for the maximum organic traffic.

  3. Strategy

    Ensure your website is visible on search engines, like Google. We specialise in on-page and technical SEO. We continually monitor & optimise your site for the maximum organic traffic.

    We will always look at the best ways to reach your audience, through eye-catching visuals, beautiful typography, colour and layout. Online and offline, you have a matter of seconds before your audience disengages. 2.6 in fact

  4. Photography

    Our amazing photographer Matt has been a finalist in British landscape of the year, had his fine art prints featured in John Lewis & Partners & had his product shots featured in GQ Magazine.

  5. Print

    Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures, Exhibition Signage & Merchandise, Event design & Informational signage. We can design and print with fast turnaround. Whatever your needs, just ask us for a no obligation quote.

  6. Design

    Your website is your most valuable asset online. That’s why it’s essential that it reflects your brand and gives a great impression to your users. Our websites are crafted with this in mind.

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Made By Factory is an award winning manchester digital agency. Our core services include SEO, PPC, Web Design, Social Media Marketing & Remarketing.

Founded by UX & web designer, Andi Wilkinson; Made By Factory was selected as one of Google’s top 30 PPC agencies in 2017, and invited to take part in their prestigious elevator programme. Following this, Andi partnered with Googler Ben Tennant who has managed advertising accounts and digital strategy for a large portfolio of major brands in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Through our many years of combined experience, our combined skills in digital, PPC and commitment to ongoing learning give us a unique and fresh approach to marketing.