Squared Online: Digital Marketing With Google

Over the last six months, I have worked hard with Squared Online! I took part in an intense programme, developed with Google, to deliver us the very latest insights into the world of digital marketing and I passed with flying colours!

What is Squared Online?

Squared Online is the award-winning global digital marketing qualification. It empowers the next generation of digital changemakers with hands-on practical experience and leadership strategy.  

the Squared Online certificate in Digital Marketing is a full IPA and IAB-endorsed, CPD-accredited qualification.

While on Google Squared, I learned a wealth of topics: Customer Journey, Disruptive Business Planning, Social Media, Mobile, Search, Display, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Attribution Models, Leadership Models, Digital Trends and so many other topics.

Every week was something new. My background is in design and web development and I have a good working knowledge of marketing principles, but this course opened my eyes to the amazing world of digital strategy, the customer journey and many more.

How do you attend?

The course consist of live classes. Every week you attend and the instructor feeds a live interactive group class to your screen. In the online classes, You can interact with other team members & there is a level of group activity.

You also need to put in 4-6 hours a week of self directed learning. If you can do more then great. The more you put in, the more you get out.

Squared online introduced me to a lot of new concepts in the world of online digital marketing. The consumer path to purchase, customer centricity, programmatic and so much more.

Find out more about the course here

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