Lose those Google position 1 PPC marketing blinkers!

PPC marketing success always comes down to two main factors - strong foundations and a constantly evolving digital strategy.

Lose those Google position 1 PPC marketing blinkers! 1

Choosing the right road to PPC marketing success?

When looking for real PPC success, you need to make sure you have 1 very clear SMART goal in place. This goal should then have a number of various KPIs that are being tracked to allow for the success you desire. If you have a SMART goal to increase sales by £1m, you need to make sure you are going after the search terms that carry sufficient traffic to hit this goal.

The key to PPC success is to get the basics right and to build from there. Nail your ad account structure, location targeting, ad scheduling, ad rotation, bidding strategy and delivery method and you will be building super-strong foundations for success.

So, you're ready to launch your PPC marketing, what next?

PPC marketing is often seen as a "quick win" option to increase sales, leads, awareness and engagement. This is a bad way to look at PPC marketing. If you want to get real results, your business needs to commit to running a digital marketing strategy for the long haul.

There are many tools and online companies out there that offer you "foolproof digital marketing", " instant results" and the all too commonly used PPC phrase - "be number 1 on Google". Now, in fairness, being number 1 on Google is an achievable feat, but you need to consider "what am I showing in position 1 for?".

Position 1 on Google is often seen as the be all and end all and, as an expert digital marketing agency, we know how valuable this can be for our clients. That being said, being number 1 for the right search terms that carry significant search volume is the real feat here.

Lose those Google position 1 PPC marketing blinkers! 2

Consider this:

You are running a new eCommerce store for designer women's shoes. You set a marketing goal of being number 1 in the Google paid search results. After 3 weeks, you look at your performance and see that you are hitting number 1 for a group of keywords such as "designer patent black and gold high heel shoes", but ranking number 4 for terms such as "black and gold high heels".

Now, you decide to make some decisions and end up pausing the term "black and gold high heels" because it is not hitting your goal of being number 1. You do this without looking at the finer details.

Yes, you're hitting the top spot for "designer patent black and gold high heels", but there might only be 250 searches of this term each month. The keyword term you have paused was only number 4 but might have a search volume of 5,000 per month.

PPC & KPI focus

Focusing on the wrong KPIs is a common mistake many people make when utilising digital marketing platforms. If you want real results from your digital marketing efforts, you need to make sure you are spending your time on the areas "where the money is".

It may not be rocket science, but it is an area that gets overlooked all too often - Getting a 250 volume search term to number 1 will not bring the same rewards as spending time improving the ranking of a 5,000 volume search term where you are already hitting position 4.

Make sure you're not caught with PPC marketing blinkers on!

So, you've got the right foundations in place, you're focusing on the right keywords that carry significant search volume and you're looking at all the right data - What next?

With all PPC accounts, there should never be a "set it and leave it" attitude. The features and technology available are changing on a daily bases - as are your competitor's campaigns. Managing your PPC account should be a regular job. Your available budget will always dictate how long you should be spending on improving your marketing campaigns.

This might seem like common sense, but you would be surprised how many features and settings are overlooked by marketers. From speaking to many businesses and working on countless PPC accounts, it is clear that many companies become blinkered in their PPC marketing approach. This can lead to them missing some of the basics that can lead to digital marketing success.

There are always improvements that can be made on every PPC campaign. Whether it be the ad copy, keyword research for search terms, bid levels, click through rate, ad delivery, audiences, device targeting, quality score, cost per click, locations, landing pages, negative keywords......the list goes on, but I'm pretty sure you get the idea.

Along with ensuring your setting and account structure is on point, it is also key to be open to new ideas - have a constantly evolving digital marketing strategy, don't think because you have a strategy in place that it should always be the same. Times change and so should your approach.

The digital marketing ad spend in the UK for 2018 was a staggering £13.44bn, a 15% increase against 2017's spend, and it is constantly growing.

Lose those Google position 1 PPC marketing blinkers! 3

Ranking in Google is a science. In such a huge market, you can be sure that not everybody is getting it right. This can mean only one thing - a huge amount of businesses who are wasting their hard-earned capital on bad PPC marketing accounts. Don't become a statistic.

Use the expertise available to your business

The best option is always to go to the Google Ads experts when it comes to PPC marketing. Some tasks are best left to the people who live those tasks day in, day out.

I would happily say that there are not many people out there who would risk fitting a gas oven in their kitchen after watching a YouTube how-to video. However, millions of pounds are wasted in the UK each year on poorly managed ad accounts.

It makes me wonder, why would people risk thousands of pounds of their business' money each month by trying to market yourself after watching a how-to video or reading a guide?

A well managed PPC ad account can be the difference between great conversion rates and failure for many businesses who are looking to push on and increase market share in our growing digital world.

Writing this as an ex-Googler, who now heads up the marketing team here at Factory, I hate to see ad spend being wasted and love to help businesses achieve top rankings and get more bang for your buck.

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Written By Ben Tennant Last Updated 15th October 2019 
Ben Tennant is a former Googler and an authority on Pay Per Click. He has developed and implemented campaigns for small business up to blue chip FTSE 100 companies.

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