Our 6 steps to getting digital marketing right!

Digital Marketing Platforms

These days, the term “Digital marketing” raises an extensive list of questions that need answering.   Planning and being open to change down the line are two of the most important things in creating a strategy. When looking at getting digital marketing strategy right there are so many questions to consider and here are just a […]

12 Digital Marketing Audit Checks To Maximise Your Performance

Digital Marketing Audit

If you’re investing in digital marketing for your business, then you need to ensure your budget is being used to its maximum potential. Regular digital audits are vital to your success if you want to get your digital marketing right. This blog post tells you what to look for. Just like every other investment you […]

Boost store sales with Local Inventory Ads

Group Of People Mobile Google Ads Shopping Concept

Google Shopping is not purely an online sales tool. You can also drive customers to your bricks and mortar store by using Local Inventory Ads. Online shopping is great, but people still love the feeling of walking into a physical store and buying what they want there and then. Capture the attention of people who […]

Lose those Google position 1 PPC marketing blinkers!

Lose those Google position 1 PPC marketing blinkers! 1

PPC marketing success always comes down to two main factors – strong foundations and a constantly evolving digital strategy. Choosing the right road to PPC marketing success? When looking for real PPC success, you need to make sure you have 1 very clear SMART goal in place. This goal should then have a number of […]

How To Create A Digital Marketing Strategy

Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

If you own a business today, the chances are a big part of your marketing strategy is digital. Consumers spend their time online. This is evident in retail with a whopping 87% of purchases being made online in the UK. When you’re growing business though, how do you prevent this from being overwhelming? How can […]

4 Key Pointers for Success with Mobile & Google Shopping

Win with mobile and Google Shopping

As our mobile devices are now such a significant part of our everyday lives, it is worth noting that this also means they are a significant part of your business’ future success. If your business is in the retail industry, then it is essential that you are geared up for victory through mobile eCommerce and […]

How to Write a Digital Marketing Brief

Digital Marketing by Factory

With so many digital marketing mediums available these days, such as Google Ads, it’s difficult to know which to work with. This article will take you through how to craft a solid digital marketing brief. Each one has it’s own features, meaning it can also be very time consuming ensuring everything is correct. A poorly […]

What Are The Benefits Of Digital Marketing?

benefits of digital marketing

It’s Pretty much a household phrase for anyone in the world of work. But what are the benefits of digital marketing? Is it something you should just put on the back burner? At Made By Factory, we generally refer to it as Digital Marketing. You might call it PPC, Search Engine Marketing, “a minefield” or […]

The Northern Business Exhibition March 12th & 13th

The Northern Business Exhibition

The Northern Business Exhibition is the largest show in the North of England and takes place in Manchester every year. This year we will be exhibiting on March 12th & 13th. See our profile here. Thousands of professionals attend the exhibition every year. It has become the go-to event in the North for anyone growing […]

The 10 PPC Trends You Need to Know in 2019

PPC Trends in 2019

Another Year and more tools roll out in the world of PPC. How are you supposed to keep up with all the latest PPC industry trends? Our guide to PPC Trends in 2019 has the answers! Google AdWords Becomes Google Ads Last year, Google AdWords became Google Ads mainly because their platform outgrew the name […]

Factory @ Web Summit 2018

Web Summit Stage 2018

Between 5-8 of November 2018, the tech extravaganza that is Web Summit rolled into Lisbon once more.  Factory was there for the second year running to take in all that is hip and happening in the tech arena and also what is yet to come. With over 69,000 people from 159 countries and 1,200 speakers […]

Why Google AdWords is Now Google Ads

Why Google AdWords is Now Google Ads 2

Google AdWords launched way back in 2000 with 350 advertisers. Since then it has gone through many iterations, so it’s no surprise that 2018 brings a major overhaul to their suite of advertising products. So what’s changing apart from the Name? When Google AdWords becomes Google Ads, what will advertisers need to do to stay […]

The Consumer Path To Purchase. Why SEO is Never Quite Enough

Micro Moments Google Partners Manchester

If you are a business with an online presence, the end goal of your online presence is for people to buy your product or service right? Most of us know about SEO, but is that enough? Are you relying on SEO? So you have a website. Great! How are people going to find it? Ignoring all […]

Made By Factory Are Joined by Googler Ben Tennant

Ben Tennant Joins Factory From Google UK

We are super chuffed to announce the arrival of a new partner in our small but growing digital team at Made By Factory. Enter Ex-Googler, Ben Tennant! Ben Tennant, joined Made By Factory on January 1 2018 as a company director, equal partner and head of PPC. Ben joined us from tech company giant Google […]

Insights from Google AdWords August 2016

Google Partner Insights | Factory | google partner company manchester

Everyone is a genius. But if you ask a fish to climb a tree it will spend the rest of its life believing it is stupid. How does that relate to Google AdWords? Practically every client who engages us spends a good portion of our meetings apologising that they aren’t really that good with the […]

Google Partners Badge Celebration Event

Google Partners Blue Badge Event | Factory PPC Experts

Back in June after lots of hard work and studying, we achieved Google Partner status. What better way to celebrate this achievement than an invite to Google London for a Google Partners Badge Celebration event. The Google Partners Badge Celebration Event! It was a great opportunity to meet with other agencies and share insights into […]

The Mobile Advertising Landscape.

insights image

Let’s talk about mobile advertising. We live in a multi-screen world. And that’s not just digital devices it includes TV, computers, mobile, tablet, desktop, laptops and an array of other devices we may use to connect to the outside world. In order to connect with our customers, then business must engage consumers in their multi-device […]

March Madness. Dublin, Downing Street and Developers


There’s something to be said about March madness. Especially this month at CreativJam. It’s almost a year since Danny and I opened our office in Manchester, Greater Manchester. This has been the most eventful month for us yet. Developers We started on the first of March by welcoming our new software and web developer, Matt […]